What Is The Greatest Journey You Could Ever Take?
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Would You Be Willing To Take A Psychological Safari
To Discover Who You Really Are?

I know. You probably have never thought of searching the heavens to find any real answers to your life. But more than any place, the sky is where most of the answers and solutions to your life can really be found. While the average person has a tendency to think of this as absolute nonsense, there are those who really inquire for themselves and discover how to see through this veil of ignorance.

Why should you? No one has probably ever told you that there is some really great stuff going on “up there” that could help you find out more about yourself, discover your hidden capacities, and learn how to use them creatively to realize dyour life purpose.  To understand this more fully, imagine that the eagle shown below is talking to you (the crow) and is trying to help you decide whether or not you would like to take a psychological safari of the heavens. The eagle knows that he can’t make that decision for you so he pauses to give you time to decide. He hopes that you will have enough curiosity to take the journey. Now, imagine that you are that curious crow and that you have finally decided to say “Yes!” to your journey.


Here’s a picture of you and the eagle taking flight

                                                                                                                                                                                                  ©Phoo Chan 2016

There you go, flying away, burning with curiosity! The eagle fully knows what’s in store for you — fantastic psychological discoveries that you could not possibly imagine. But he also knows that this Safari will be a transforming and remarkable experience for you.

The eagle symbolizes a Planetary Psychologist (which I sometimes refer to as a Skysage) who will take you, like the crow, to the most profound places in the heavens that will show you what you are supposed to be doing with your life. Once you have completely understood this and know how to interpret the many discoveries that will be revealed to you, you will be more capable of realizing your true life purpose.

Just imagine!  All of this knowledge is hidden in the heavens in the form of planetary clusters, but it is only available to those who have enough curiosity to discover and explore these amazing secrets.

Is this you? Ready to leap?

Here, at last, is an amazing discovery that may convince you to throw away your doubting mind, and take a flight to a place where your celestial sage awaits you:

One of the worlds greatest astronomers, Dr. Percy Seymour, wrote in his ground-breaking book, The Scientific Proof of Astrology that It is in the womb that some of the magnetic music of the spheres becomes etched on our brains.

The eagle will take you to that place where this ‘magnetic music’ is created by these ‘spheres’, which are known as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. It is these heavenly bodies that travel through the magnetic field of the zodiac, which create a circle in the heavens, encompass the earth, and reveal the psychological chemistry of every human being. (Warning: Don’t trust science who has ignored this for hundreds of years. Why not find out for yourself?)

Here Is The Place Where The Great Mystery
Called You Is Clearly Revealed In Your Safari

So many of these places reside in the mind of the Skysage who is the one who will reveal and explain this mystery to you. This planetary psychologist will be working diligently to help you give birth to this new healing psychology and show you how you can awaken these sleeping areas of consciousness.

Here are a couple of clients among literally thousands who have taken a celestial safari to their own inner world and who have gladly expressed what they have discovered:

What Mickey Learned

“The process of learning about my planetary clusters by tracking them has been an absolutely amazing journey and adventure. I’ve so enjoyed discovering how these many parts of me work together—a true revelation—and learning about how my planetary clusters, both supportive and wounded, are activated by the Moon’s cycle. This, combined with my sessions with Randall, has allowed me to release years of pain and fear.

Mickey, Maryland

What Sofia Learned

“My experiences with the Planetary Clusters Pilot Program has helped me discover my inner feelings, emotions, and reactions. I have a bigger awareness of my wounded Moon, and how it affects my real life and my world. This study has given me an awareness of how to concentrate on my purpose in life and what I value most.

This program has helped me understand who I am, and why I sometimes do things in a manner I don’t understand. For many years, I kept thinking things that bothered me a lot. My mind just kept thinking the same stuff, and it became a very big problem in my life. I couldn’t find any answer about why I was in this trouble. It was so terrible that sometimes I just wanted to give up and die, but when I began to understand who I am, I began to heal. (Editor’s note: Most clients don’t realize that some planets have a great influence over other planets and can cause great suffering in their lives if they don’t understand how to weaken the power of these clusters. See the descriptions of Pluto’s effect upon the Moon as described in the next paragraph.)

I started to think about how the planet, Pluto, wounds the Moon. This has helped me discover things about my inner self and become more aware of who I am. Always, I am in deep fear of being misused and abused. I hate when these feelings appear, but that is me. There have been a lot of situations where I’ve found myself easily injured and insulted—but how I know why I reacted that way, and why I couldn’t control my inner feelings when these situations arose. It’s a big relief to understand my unreasonable emotions and reactions.

My experience has changed my life’s direction and given me a lot of opportunities. I have a new outlook for my future. It’s also given me a lot of challenges because I sometimes found myself torn into pieces, trying to make myself whole again—like starting from scratch. It was a hard thing to experience, but it has been a great healing.”

Sofia, Norway

What Lily Learned

Note: Lilly is a crisis counselor who discovered that Planetary Psychology provides a great tool for understanding the people she is trying to help.

“Understanding my challenging clusters has helped me most in the area of relationships. Learning about my most challenging clusters and how they influence me has helped me to understand some of my automatic and defensive reactions to people or situations I find threatening. It has also helped me to better understand other people’s perceptions of me.

“In my primary relationship, this work has helped me be more open to feedback from my significant other regarding our interpersonal conflicts. I was also quite amazed at how accurate the planetary cluster readings were—and while on one hand, they kind of confirmed the stuff I already knew about myself, they also brought to light things about me that I hadn’t really acknowledged, or even been conscious of.”

Lilly, New York


How Can You Participate

In A Psychological Safari Program?

A Psychological Safari is possibly one the most effective ways possible to discover all the various, subtle, and complex parts of your life. Each Safari is specifically designed just for you and is based on what the Skysage discovers in your celestial chemistry, patterns of attitudes, reactions, feelings, and intentions. You will be guided week by week to a deeper understanding of your true destiny and become completely aware and very clear in understanding all the obvious and subtle parts of your nature and how you can best work with them.

You will discover some amazing secrets of why sometimes things or so difficult and why they sometimes seem so easy. Please ask yourself, “Where else could I find this information?”

This most productive safari which provides very direct ways for you to learn how all the various parts of you work; your talents, your challenges, your life purpose, your emotional chemistry, and what you were born to do. Believe me, this is not philosophy or theory. A Psychological Safari is possibly one the most effective ways possible to discover all the various, subtle, and complex parts of your life. Each Safari is specifically designed just for you and is based on what I discover in your celestial chemistry, patterns of attitudes, reactions, feelings, and intentions. You will be guided week to week to a deeper understanding of your true destiny and become completely aware and very clear on what are all the obvious and subtle parts of your nature and how you can best work with them.

“Where else can you find this?

As your safari guide, I will a show you in 8 private sessions how to track your own unique planetary clusters and help you discover exactly what they mean and how they tend to function in your life. In this way, you will begin to see the entire scope of your life and discover these various parts of yourself that are found in your own celestial map. It is amazingly beneficial for you to discover how to read and follow this map because you will be using it the rest of your life to find the answers you will be looking for. Further, there will be no end to your discoveries because the secrets of the heavens extend far beyond our understanding. But that’s okay. You will certainly find all you need if you become a diligent explorer.

Planetary Psychology is not like any other psychology because it relates to the actual emotional and mental chemistry that is totally apparent in your first journey with your celestial birth chart. No longer will you have to keep trying to “work things out” and wasting a lot of money when the real solutions become immediately apparent to you. You will see and feel the accuracy of your discoveries because they relate directly to who you really are. There is no guessing, hoping, and waiting go on. There are only real, pure, and transforming experiences that will change your life for the better!


Here Are Some Things
That Your Planetary Psychology Chart Will Reveal

  1. What you were born to do?
  2. What path you should take to realize your life purpose?
  3. What challenges you will have in getting to where you want to be?
  4. What kind of relationships are best for you and why?
  5. How to track the various psychological states of your mind, emotions, likes and dislikes in such a way that they will truly surprise you with such amazing accuracy. You will become totally clear on who you are and how you relate to the world. Your 120 day journey will produce a profound understanding of the various and subtle parts of your being that will serve you for the rest of your life. Believe me, you will truly come to know yourself in a way that you never thought possible.

Why Not Spend 120 Days of Your Life To Discover The Real You?

So, do you have any more time to waste in repeating the same old situations, enduring the same old reactions, and staying stuck in the same old mode? Take a radical step. This is an opportunity that has never been offered before. Your journey will take you beyond the ordinary to an absolutely extraordinary discovery. No more time wasting your money on  external therapy. You will discover a true healing thorough self-therapy — the only therapy that really works.

But, just in case you are not convinced and want to explore more on what this is all about, please go here to check it out.