Use Astrology For Love To Find The One You’ve Always Wanted

Which kind of astrology reading  is best for using astrology for love to find the one you’ve always wanted?

What is the difference between a relationship reading put out by a computer and one created by a professional astrologer with over 50 years of experience?

The difference in depth and understanding that you will receive from a professional astrologer trained in Skysage Astrology, which is the new astrology of the west, could be huge. No computer is as capable as the human mind because it cannot make sense out of all the subtleties between people. This is especially true  when you’re doing relationship analysis

We are constructed with many contradictions that create problems in a relationship. I have never seen a computer program generate insights into these contradictions. Finding these contradictions and understanding them is the correct way to use astrology for love.

If you want to understand relationships, it is very important to understand other people’s internal contradictions.

Here are the facts:  A computer generated reading is only compiled information from information on signs, planets, and their relationships. Astrological software has no intuitive capacity to synthesize a chart. Intuition transcends and brings in subtle insights of the relationship in the moment. In short, a computer contains no intuition and will miss the most important elements in a relationship: the revelation of contradictions.

This is so important that I feel I must explain to you what I mean by contradiction. Here is an example:

If a woman has her Sun in Scorpio, she may be attracted to a man who has his Sun his Taurus, She has observed that he seems loyal, sensual, and reliable. She feels he is just the man for her.

It is true that a Taurus man in general has these qualities. But the Sun Sign is only one sign. There are a bunch of other planets that could be in different signs. Let’s say that this man also has his Moon in Aquarius. This Moon reveals that emotionally he is cool and likes to have different women in his life. He does not want to be penned down to one relationship nor get too committed to one because this would cut off his options.

In short, the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aquarius are not compatible because they want very different things. His desires for different kind of women are in conflict with his Taurus desire to be “true blue.” Now you can see why it is extremely important to understand contradictions. This is the key to discovering the right kind of partner for you.

Here is what you will receive from a live relationship reading from a professional astrologer trained in Skysage Astrology. This is one of the best ways to use astrology for love and help you find the one you have always wanted.

Benefits of a Skysage Astrology Relationship Reading

1. A complete analysis of the emotional, sexual, and psychological chemistry between you and another person. This is explained in full detail by someone trained in Skysage Astrology, which is far more accurate than the typical charts used by most western astrologers. I am this astrologer. I have done thousands of charts over my 50 years of experience. And to be honest, this is the best astrology possible because my expertise is in explaining the subtle differences between people that is often totally hidden from the average person. It has taken me more than 50 years to perfect this skill, whereas you can have these insights in less than an hour.

2. Your reading will be a live session which can be done over Skype (a free online, visual phone service) or by phone. If the reading is done by regular phone, I can still record our session on a CD and you will be able to review the reading many times. This benefit is very important because it is very easy to overlook a very invaluable insight.

3. These insights already are immediately useful because you will be able to compare them with what you know about yourself and the other person. Everything that is explained to you can be completely verified by you through experience. You will clearly understand where you are most compatible and where you may have problems. You will fully understand what the contradictions are in your relationship and what to do about them. In any case, the full scope of your combined attitudes, tendencies, reactions and differences are completely explained. This is specific information that you can use right away. The good news is that this reading will make total sense to you.

4. This knowledge will enable you to fully understand what your real relationship is to this other person and all the elements that make it what it is. This information will serve as an extremely useful guide as you live out your life together. However, this hinges on whether you decide to continue your relationship or not.

5. It is important to understand that some relationships are not meant to be. If you have doubts, this analysis will explain why you have them and what it is that you are concerned about. The benefit is that this reading will make everything clear to you so that you can decide what to do about this relationship. It could save you miles of pain and a ton of regrets. On the other hand, it may show that this is probably one of the best relationships that you could possibly find.

You will also be pleasantly pleased that the fee for this reading is an offer you simply cannot ignore. It is yours for only $59. I am completely sincere when I say that this is one of the greatest gifts that I could possible give you for this price. Please don’t let this moment pass you by.

Normally, it would be the same as a life reading of $125. But, because of the economy, I have made this concession. I want to give you this benefit to make it possible for you to do this. Maybe this will also increase my traffic and bring others to take advantage of the best of what I have to offer.

To order, please click on the PayPal icon below. Then return here and go to the top of the page and click on the contact link. Please provide your date, time, and place of birth and also that of your partner, or potential partner. I will then contact you on how to proceed.




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