Personality Profiles That Reveal Your Lovers Secrets

Personality Profiles Lead to Missing Secrets


The  ability to quickly and accurately assess what another person is truly like inside will reveal what you have been wondering about.


The Dilemma

In love relationships, millions of people try to solve the mystery of the potential mate but they rely upon sources that are extremely  inaccurate. At best, these sources are barely “in the ballpark.”

Thousands of coaches, counselors, and therapists around the world waste precious hours getting to know how their clients think, feel, and act so that they can help them. But in the meantime, valuable time and resources have been lost in the process.

Why is this?

Because it only takes one hour to really know another person — not days, weeks, months and even years!! My discoveries go far deeper than the mere personality. They expose hidden motivations, conflicts, and the true intentions of an individual. Truly, these are the ultimate psychological profiles.

Endless tests, and shallow personality profiles and evaluations are  performed by dating sites that try to match up people. But, unfortunately, we are never told how the relationships that are eventually chosen in this way really turn out. I suspect that the inaccuracy of this information is very real, but I am not here to condemn. There is simply a better way!

All of this struggling and stumbling to understand another person is unnecessary because it wastes too much time, money, and energy.  The focus of attention is in the wrong direction.

Energy is being spent in the wrong direction!

There is a better and far more accurate way for business people, teachers, lovers, therapists, counselors,and coaches to understand another person.

It is far more accurate, faster, and efficient, and cost very little. The success I have achieved over my 50 years of research has been remarkable. These results enable me to reveal the total nature of a person or a relationship within less than an hour.

Let me be your Relationship Guide and I will show you how the secrets of the heavens reveal shockingly accurate insights into all human relationships.

I ask that your mind stay open and let the facts speak for themselves. It is important to accept the fact that scientists won’t touch this realm of research because they are afraid of ridicule and  condemnation of the buttoned-down minds of their colleagues. This is all taboo. It does not allow them to explore this fantastic realm of forbidden fruit that yields such a rich harvest of human understanding.

They quickly condemn this work without truly exploring it. If you believe these scientists, you have lost a great connection to the cosmos. This is truly a great tragedy. I am here to help correct it.

This attitude has prevailed since the dawn of the 17th Century and I am afraid it will continue. But it is not the attitude of the true scientist who approaches the unknown with a humble heart and who makes “observations without condemnation.” The true scientist is one like Carl Jung. In a letter to a famous Hindu Astrologer, B.V. Raman, on September 6, 1947, Jung wrote:

“As I am a psychologist, I am chiefly interested in the particular light the horoscope sheds on certain complications in the character. In cases of difficult psychological diagnoses I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand.”

Whether you believe this or not, we are all made of the heavens. If you really think about it, there is no “down here.” We are traveling through space like every other planet and we are part of this system.

We are not separate from it as earth people tend to believe “down here.”!

The truth is, all of us were born in the sky. So, let us truly explore our inner sky and discover what these signs and planets, that are part of our psyche, have to say about us.

Let’s stop looking through the limited eyes of a society that relies upon science to dictate its reality. The truth is we are created by celestial forces. This is why we must look to the heavens if we really want to understand the human condition and what motivates our actions here on earth.

The Birth of Skysage Astrology

This is why Skysage Astrology was born. It exists to provide you with real answers and solutions for understanding yourself and other people.

This is vital information for all therapists, counselors, coaches, teachers, and trainers because it reveals the complete person within less than an hour of research.

Here are statements of appreciation from people who don’t even know me personally. Some of them live thousands of miles away from me in foreign countries. But all of them are very grateful for the understanding that they have received.

Statements of Appreciation

“This program has helped me understand who I am, and why I sometimes do things in a manner I don’t understand. For many years, I kept thinking things that bothered me a lot. My mind just kept thinking the same stuff, and it became a very big problem in my life.

I couldn’t find any answer about why I was in this trouble. It was so terrible that sometimes that I just wanted to give up and die. But when I began to understand who I am, I began to heal. I started to think about how the planet, Pluto, wounds the Moon. This has helped me discover things about my inner self and become more aware of who I am.

Always, I am in deep fear of being misused and abused. I hate when these feelings appear, but that is me. There have been a lot of situations where I’ve found myself easily injured and insulted—but now I know why I reacted that way, and why I couldn’t control my inner feelings when these situations arose. It’s a big relif to understand my unreasonable emotions and reactions.”


“Randall, i wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate your time with me. Over the years I have been drawn to many different teachers, healers, intuitives, and guides (you name it!), but I want to express how accurate your astrological readings are by comparison.

It’s amazing really: your ability to know and understand where I am at and where I am going is fantastic. And your assessment of my personality was right on as well, down to the complex corners of who I am. I am impressed, to say the least, with the depth of your wisdom and the uniqueness of your process—you really are a Skysage! Thank you again for our time together.”

Lori Hamann
Evolve Life Coachin

If you explore these discoveries with and open mind and challenge me to prove this to you, I heartily accept.

Whether you are in a profession where you are trying to help and understand other people, or just want to understand your relationships, you have to go beyond personality profiles. I am here to guide you to the deeper answers.

Just think how valuable it would be for you to fully understand your relationship to your child, your doctor, your business partner, your l9ver, your friend, stranger — or any other.

How important is this to you?

Here, at last, is the most simple way possible. You can use my 50 years of experience to find the true emotional, physical, and psychological chemistry of any relationship for you or anyone else you choose.

Now, I will show you how this works.

A client of mine for many years, wanted to know what her true relationship was to her husband.  The following information was generated by a computer which calculated the sign and degree positions of all their planets and signs.

In the chart above, each person’s planets and the signs they are in are listed. This information was generated by an astrology software program. No technical knowledge is required to get this information. It is shown to help you understand how the comparison between two people is done by a coach trained in Skysage Astrology, which is the foundation of Planetary Psychology.

If you are a therapist, counselor, coach, teacher and want to understand your relationship to your client, you can enlist my services as your Relationship Guide.  I can describe everything quite clearly to you based on just the information shown above. However, I do keep this information in a wheel generated by the computer, as it is easier to read when comparing relationships.

Think of the planets as human desires and signs as specific attitudes. Planets and signs are found in earth, air, water, or fire elements. It is these elements that reveal whether a relationship is in harmony or not because all we have to do is compare one person’s psychological chemistry with that of another.

But first, we must determine how each person is constructed individually before we can compare their energies. Personality tests and profiles will not give you these deeper answers. I have broken these energies down into wounds and benefits. Each person is born with a mixture of these wounds and benefits. Problems in people’s relationship are revealed by seeing how one person’s set of attitudes relate to those of the other person. For example, fiery attitudes (as shown by Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signs) do not function harmoniously with water attitudes (as shown by Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs). The complexity of relationship is made much easier to understand if we look at them in terms of these elements.

I have not shown these conflicts in an actual astrological wheel because the technical information is not necessary for you to understand. As a client, all you would need is the information that explains your total relationship. This information will make total sense to you and you will understand why you do not need to know anything about Skysage Astrology to take advantage of this wonderful service. However, if you wish to study this in more specific detail, please see the home page at

In Life, Everything Is Relationship

Take your boss. Do you know her? Do you really understand her?

Why should you know who your boss really is?

Because you can then talk her language. You will know how she thinks, how she feels, and what her real attitudes are. It is obvious why this would be very useful information for you.

But most of all, do you know what she really thinks of you?

This is the benefit of using me as your Relationship Guide.

This service is of the greatest benefit to therapists, coaches, counselors, teachers, or anyone else who is a mentoring capacity. The benefits received from such a service is really immeasurable.

If you want to test me, the “proof is in the pudding.” Click on the Contact link at the top of this page and tell me what you would like to know and we can discuss it. there is no obligation.

On the other hand, if you want to jump in and let me a part of your life in a very beneficial way, I would like to invite you to become part of my —

Relationship Rating Service

I started this service to save you money because the fee for the analysis of a relationship or the personal profile of an individual is $125. I know for some of you that may be a little difficult to afford, especially in these difficult times. So, I have thought long and hard on how to serve you best and still get the compensation I need to provide this service.

Here is what I feel is the best way to participate:

To be a member of the Relationship Rating Service, there is an annual fee of $75. All members will receive a complete analysis of an individual or a relationship for $49. Each analysis is provided live via the free Skype online phone service. You are requested to record this live reading for your future analysis of the contents of the reading. This setup avoids having to send information in the mail or having to type out the analysis, which would be too costly to produce.

If you would like to become a participating member of this program, go to the first PayPal button below and process your membership payment of $75.  When your payment has been confirmed,  please return here to fill out the membership form below and click on submit button. You will receive a membership confirmation in your email.

Membership Payment


After you have become a member and wish to submit a request for a relationship profile, click on the second PayPal button below for $49. Then go to the top of this page and click on the Contact link to submit the name, date, time and place of birth of the person or persons involved in the relationship. (There can only be 2 maximum for each analysis.)

As soon as your submission is confirmed, I will go to work on the relationship chart(s)

Relationship Analysis Payment

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