Sun Sign Contacts With Pluto Can Really Transform Your Life

Skysage Astrology Institute If you want to hire me for any work, contact They are there to help me help you. Click on the above small link (Skysage Astrology Institute) Are You Ready For Such A Change?     Introduction I’m not kidding! Did you know that the planets are always moving through your lfe and actually dictating your … Read More

Important Alert On Skytracking Your Cluster Activators

What On Earth Does That Mean? I know you are asking that. Can’t blame you. But I’m doing this to really help you, so read on just a bit and you could really get excited  about knowing what I have to tell you.  Those of you who know a little bit of astrology will probably understand this a little better. … Read More

Astrology Life Reading Offer

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Skysage Coaching – Why Should I Be Your Life and Career Coach?

Because I Will Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose, Unveil The Path of Your Career, And Show You How To Realize It! I will take you on a journey through the heavens where you will discover things about yourself that you never thought possible. First, I will teach you the secrets of the bluebird so that you will know what you were … Read More