Horoscope Compatbility Problem Solved

  Horoscope Compatibility Problem Solved No More False Readings   Have You Ever Been Misled By Those Computer Generated Horoscope Compatibility Charts? Most horoscope compatibility charts generated by western astrology software has been grossly inaccurate, misleading, and very disappointing to thousands of  clients who are seeking real solutions to their relationship problems. The major error is in the programming which … Read More

Planetary Psychology Students

Planetary Psychology Students Speak From Around The World     This is the picture of student, Ricardo Burrell, who  is located in Liverpool, New York. Here he is outdoors taking a hike around a long and winding road it appears. He is an outstanding systems administrator and says that “I have always been interested in astrology since grade school. About … Read More

Help With Relationship

If you are asking “Where can I get help with relationship advice?” the answer is HERE. Right here on this page. Read on and  I will make this very clear to you.This is the only stop you need to make to find truly satisfying answers that are very accurate and immediatly applicable to your situation. Here is where you can … Read More

Important Alert On Skytracking Your Cluster Activators

What On Earth Does That Mean? I know you are asking that. Can’t blame you. But I’m doing this to really help you, so read on just a bit and you could really get excited  about knowing what I have to tell you.  Those of you who know a little bit of astrology will probably understand this a little better. … Read More

Easy Skysage Astrology Courses

A Message For Student’s Exploring  Easy Skysage Astrology Courses If you want to learn easy astrology without seeking a credential in Skysage Counseling, or just dabbling in astrology courses for fun, you can take various mini courses in astrology. You can participate in non-professional courses at the Skysage Astrology Institute through video webinars and teleseminars and learn about  Skysage Astrology … Read More