Important Notice to My Friends of Skysage Astrology

Important Notice to My Friends of Skysage Astrology   Here is some very enlightening information that may be very useful to you. As many of you probably know, the planet, Neptune, has been traveling through the sign of Pisces for some time, and probably a lot of you don’t know or didn’t find it very interesting. BUT NOW… The planet, … Read More

What Does Astrology Say About Our Once Beloved President?

What Has Happened to Our Silver-Tongued Orator? Certainly he is a man of fire. A great orator. His ardent Sun in Leo has captured the hearts and love of the people in a big way. But there seems to be something missing. I have never heard others speak about it. It seems that it is time to really look at … Read More

Help With Relationship

If you are asking “Where can I get help with relationship advice?” the answer is HERE. Right here on this page. Read on and  I will make this very clear to you.This is the only stop you need to make to find truly satisfying answers that are very accurate and immediatly applicable to your situation. Here is where you can … Read More

Are You Looking For Astrology Help?

If so, you have come to the right place.     Everyone on the planet is looking for a solution to some kind of problem. But the sad story is that you may be looking in the wrong place. If you are looking for a solution to your relationships by consulting books, traditional counselors, or therapists you may get some … Read More

Does Astrology Really Work?

There Are Many Stories. Here is one. Judge for yourself. Here is a partial chart of a long time client of several years. I will call her Avila. CHART NO. 1 AVILA’S  PARTIAL CHART Avila had wanted a baby ever since I had known her. But it was always “no luck.” Now, she is married for the second time and … Read More