Horoscope Compatbility Problem Solved

  Horoscope Compatibility Problem Solved No More False Readings   Have You Ever Been Misled By Those Computer Generated Horoscope Compatibility Charts? Most horoscope compatibility charts generated by western astrology software has been grossly inaccurate, misleading, and very disappointing to thousands of  clients who are seeking real solutions to their relationship problems. The major error is in the programming which … Read More

Important Alert On Skytracking Your Cluster Activators

What On Earth Does That Mean? I know you are asking that. Can’t blame you. But I’m doing this to really help you, so read on just a bit and you could really get excited  about knowing what I have to tell you.  Those of you who know a little bit of astrology will probably understand this a little better. … Read More

Do You Have a Wounded Moon?

Do You Have a Wounded Moon? by Skysage Professional astrologers have known about the wounded Moon for centuries, but most psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists are totally oblivious to how this affliction affects the life of an individual. What is a wounded Moon? When the outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto form a negative relation to a person’s Moon … Read More

Serious Sun Signs Mistakes

  Serious Sun Signs Mistakes by Randall Curtis     Someone once said that “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Nothing could be more obvious in the question, “What’s your Sun sign?” I must admit these seem like valid questions. After all, if you are one of the people asking this question, you already know that you … Read More

The Secret Chemistry of Zodiac Signs

Free Astrology Lessons  For Novices Lesson 2 *Note: This lesson is duplicated here in case you missed receiving it in your email. Almost everyone is familiar with zodiac signs. Having studied for a while, you certainly know that. But what most people don’t do in studying the signs fo the zodiac is to study sign chemistry. By this, I mean … Read More

How to Find Your Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign is far more accurate than any Sun Sign Reading that you can get from any computer or astrologer. The reason for this is quite simple. Sun Sign readings are not based on the time of day that you were born but are based on the sign the Sun was in when you were born. What this really … Read More

See Zodiac Signs As Attitudes and Colors

What does a zodiac sign have to do with attitudes and colors? The twelve zodiac signs of the heavens are actually attitudes that are duplicated in the psyche of every individual. Some attitudes remain dormant and remain in the background of our consciousness. What makes an attitude active in us is when an astrolgy sign (attitude) in our birthchart is … Read More