Planetary Psychology Students

Planetary Psychology Students

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This is the picture of student, Ricardo Burrell, who  is located in Liverpool, New York. Here he is outdoors taking a hike around a long and winding road it appears. He is an outstanding systems administrator and says that

“I have always been interested in astrology since grade school. About two years ago a friend told me about a book on astrology that she thought was pretty good. I look into it and became hooked. I ran across you probably while trying to answer a question that I had in astrology. I soon became more interested in learning about the planetary clusters and wanted to learn more so I ordered the book and I have been studying for a little while and it seems like a pretty good concept on interpretation to helping people overcome and understand their problems.”

Ricardo Burrell
Liverpool, NY

Editor: Thanks for your input, Ricardo, keep us informed of your progress.


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