Dating Tips That Lead To Dating Disasters

Dating Tip Disasters

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[Please print this out and read it while enjoying your morning drink.]

After you have followed all the right dating tips and found your “match” through one of those popular matchmaking sites, it is time to do a reality check on your relationships and avoid all those dating tips disasters.

Oh, I know, you may not really want to do this. Your heart is on fire and you feel like you are in heaven. After all, you feel that you are with someone who is truly your soul mate . Even your dating site told you so.

But if you are thinking seriously about a long life together with someone, you can save yourself miles of pain and unending regret if you will consult the ultimate expert on all human relationships. This is the right direction to take to solve relationship problems. It is extremely accurate and provides you with answers and solutions that you cannot do without.

If you really want to know the truth about your relationship to anyone, you can save a lot of time by just getting a small book that is potent with revelations that reveals the truth about any relationship. BUT don’t get your hands on this little book if you prefer to remain in the dark, take your chances, roll the dice with your life, and continue to be mislead by dating tip disasters. But if you are courageous and full of adventure, got to


Secrets of The Skysage

Who is this sage?

He is hidden out there in the sky above you. He has a complete record of every human being who was ever born. He knows your desires, your attitudes, and how you are made up inside. He can tell you who you are and how you relate to any other human being.

What the sage says is far more accurate than any human being can possibly imagine. But like the fools we are, we consult human “experts”” who do not know anything about turning to the heavens for their answers which provide the real solutions to relationship problems.

They simply rely upon the tools and techniques that are created by the scientific mind which is totally inadequate for understanding the inner life of another person.

Why is this?

Because these failed attempts come from people who are simply not in tune with the real sage in the sky who can help them resolve relationship issues.

I have spent over 50 years learning from this master who never speaks in words but communicates to me through symbols and intuition. But what are these symbols and how do they actually unlock the secrets that lead us to a loving relationship?

Here is one of the most important symbols that everyone needs to understand. The silent seer of the heavens speaks loudly when it comes to communicating the impact of the importance of this planet has upon our lives. It is the planet, Saturn. The symbol for Saturn is shown below in the seventh row on the left. It is shaped like an “h”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 2.42.01 PM



But it is more important to know what Saturn means. The celestial seer taught me that

“Saturn is a planet you always want to take seriously, because it is always moving through your life and impacting you probably much more than yu realize. This impact has a sobering effect upon our lives. Saturn is the desire within us to separate from others, to protect ourselves from being hurt, and to defend ourselves in a hostile world. Saturn works against intimacy. Therefore, the feelings he arouses must be confronted and understood for it reveals our primary fear of intimacy.”

But what does the planet, Saturn, have to do with you specifically?

Long, long ago—more than 50 years ago—I wondered about the same thing. When I started looking into this in a very serious matter, the silent sage began to whisper more and more into my ears.

“The planets are real,” he insisted. “They live inside of you and they create who you are. Some of them create your sexuality, some create your fears, and others create your mind. You can find how you were created at birth if you can solve the mystery of the signs and what happens when planets are found in them.”

I didn’t understand what he meant by this, so he guided me to many technical books where I learned to calculate planetary positions. I put up a sky chart of all the planets and signs for the time I was born.

There were so many revelations that I could hardly grasp them all. But soon I began to feel full of understanding. He urged me to share these discoveries with anyone who really wanted to understand them.

So, I am sharing with you one of the greatest secrets that was given to me. It took me many years to fully understand it. Now I want to share it with you.

[box title=”The Secret” color=”#3eb937″]”The signs of these seasons are expressed in people as specific human attitudes and the planets are expressed as specific human desires. This combination results in the expression of specific desires with specific human attitudes.” [/box]

I don’t want this secret to remain a mystery to you. This is why I’m giving you an example. If you can realize the importance of this example, I will be happy that you have understood it.

The sage told me that the planet, Venus, held the secret to all relationships because it reveals what we love and appreciate. I learned that the symbol for the planet, Venus, is




I was shown that all the planets travel through the signs of the seasons. As you know, the signs are Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Venus was found in one of these signs when you were born.

Let’s say that your Venus was in Cancer when you were born. Venus then takes on the specific attitudes of the Cancer sign. So, what are the specific attitudes of Cancer?

“I am sensitive, nurturing and crabby. I need a home and family. I have to feel safe and secure. Remember this about me: my feelings are very personal and my moods are always changing.”

From this, we can conclude that you love the home, family, tradition, and security. This is a distinct need that you have which you are seeking to fulfill in the world.

If you met a man who has his Jupiter in Cancer, he would be very happy to provide you with all the things you need to fulfill the desires of your Venus. He loves giving to you and wants you to have your needs fulfilled.

This combination is very beneficial for a relationship. It is a very good connection. But there are many more combinations that have to be checked out in a relationship in order to determine if it will work or not. The reason for this is that the planets and signs are not always acting in our behalf.

What if your Mars were in Taurus? Here is a description of Mars in Taurus:

“Even though I am slow and steadfast in my actions, I’m also tenacious, persistent and loyal. I have a pursuit of material comfort. I have a passion for wealth end I tend to be a little worldly. People say I’m really stubborn. I have to admit it. They are probably really right.”

Here is a symbol for the planet, Mars.


Here is something important to think about:

If a man has his Saturn in the same sign as your Mars, this shows that he would inhibit your sexuality. He would seek to repress it because the action of your Mars stirs up his fear.

Remember: Saturn is a planet that shows our fears. So, when a person is born with Saturn next to their Mars there is a fear of sexual intimacy. This means that they were born with this fear at birth and may have been sexually abused as a child.

If someone has his Saturn in the same sign as our Mars this is obviously not good for sexual harmony

I hope you’re beginning to understand how another person’s planets can be in harmony with your planets and how they can be in conflict.

Now can you imagine how valuable this information is for understanding relationships. It is amazingly accurate. I have compared relationships in this way for over 50 years.

I learned from the great Sky Sage.

You can learn this too!

Find the book that will guide you for the rest of your life. It cost very little an I guarantee you will be amazed over what you will find.  Here again is the link:

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