Do You Have a Wounded Moon?

Do You Have a Wounded Moon?



Professional astrologers have known about the wounded Moon for centuries, but most psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists are totally oblivious to how this affliction affects the life of an individual.

What is a wounded Moon?

When the outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto form a negative relation to a person’s Moon in their birth chart, they are emotionally wounded. This is not a rare occurrence. It is often found in the charts of many people.

It is important to realize that the Moon in your birth chart shows how you receive and give nurturing. When our Moon is afflicted by the outer planets, we often feel totally unstained emotionally by life. He can offer solutions on how you can change this would and become healed.

A skilled astrologer can see these aspects immediately and can determine how these planets impact your emotional life.

Here Are Some Indications of a Wounded Moon

Saturn has often been called “the leaden planet” because its dark energy leads a person to feel heavy, emotionally depressed, and blocked from any sense of inner nurturing. They are often unaware of the cause of this depression. This person was born depressed, because their life began in a depressing environment. The nurturing energy of the mother (the Moon) was denied them. Even though the mother may be present in childhood, the child gets the message that the mother is cold and uncaring. This Saturn aspect indicates that the mother does not sustain the child emotionally in some way. This may not be the mother’s fault because she could be unaware of what is happening to her child.. There may be karmic conditions in which she has no choice. But, regardless of the circumastances, the child feels unloved and unprotected by the mother.

When Uranus in the birth chart afflicts the Moon, it creates a volatile energy and indicates an emotionally rebellious individual. They cannot tolerate any restrictions or boundaries in their personal life. They may have had some traumatic birth experience where they had a hard time getting out of the womb. This experience could be the cause of why they have such strong reactions to being restricted in any way. Their attitude toward their mother or other family members may be unreasonable and emotionally reactive. They seem to be very touchy individuals and can “fly off the handle” in an instant.

When Neptune has a negative relationship to the Moon in the birth chart: A Moon that is afflicted by Neptune often reveals a deep sadness in the person. They feel that they were abandoned by the mother and feel totally unsustained by her. This condition creates very deep emotional needs and often leads the person to become a caretaker of others in order to feel nurtured themselves. They have a great “need to be needed” and will often sacrifice their own life caring for others. In this way, they feel connected emotionally. They have a strong feeling that they have never had a home and feel cut off from any sense of being nurtured.

When Pluto has a negative relationship to the Moon in the birth chart, there is a very deep and painful affliction which creates tremendous anxiety within the individual. When there is even a hint that their security is threatened, they will burst out in a most terrifying rage. Much of this exists in their imagination, but nevertheless, very real to them. To most people the event that triggered the rage seems like a very minor one. The negative outburst seems totally uncalled for. This person is always “putting out fires” which don’t really exist. They often react with such intensity that people tend to avoid their company. They can be very coercive and emotionally demanding, and they find it practically impossible to adjust their needs to the needs of others. They are simply too busy trying to manage their own insecurity to be bothered by the needs of other people.

If you suspect that you may have a wounded Moon, talk to a skilled astrologer. He will help you understand how you are set up emotionally and will provide you with suggestions on what you can do to change or work with the energy. For more specific information, see “Planetary Clusters”

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