Does Astrology Really Work?

There Are Many Stories. Here is one.

Judge for yourself.

Here is a partial chart of a long time client of several years. I will call her Avila.


Avila had wanted a baby ever since I had known her. But it was always “no luck.” Now, she is married for the second time and loves her husband dearly. She came to me once more for advice on how she could have a child. I tried extra hard this time to see if I could find something that would fulfill her wish. I looked at her fifth theater (“house” in traditional astrology) which relates to children and the lover. I reasoned that the answer had to be here, in the “house of children and the house of the lover.”

I had spent years trying to figure out why Avila could not have a baby. So, I decided to concentrate totally on her fifth house this time. Suddenly it dawned on me. Why not look for the time when Venus makes contact with her Uranus in her fifth theater? This could indicate the moment of conception because Venus, the lover, unites with Uranus which brings a sudden love experience. I saw that this was going to take place on October 16, 2009. This gave her hope and I thought this was a real chance that the pregnancy would happen.The partial chart for Avila above shows Uranus and Mercury in her fifth theater. (You will need to check out these symbols in your astrology book if you don’t know them. You can also find this information below.)

Note that Uranus and Mercury are expressed as symbols in the fifth theater. See the number 5 in the wheel. This is the fifth theater of children (know as “the house of children” in traditional terminology). This theater is not only the theater of children but also the theater of the lover—THE ONE WITH WHOM WE WANT TO MAKE LOVE.


NOTICE THE FOUR PLANETS, MOON, VENUS, MERCURY AND SUN. All These planets were passing through Avila’s 5th theater of love at this time. This is what I saw was going to happen on October 16, 2009. So I suggested to Avila that this time certainly indicated a time to get pregnant. Notice that the planet Venus is in the same sign and degree of Avila’s Uranus, one degree and 52 minutes of Libra. Plus the Moon is less than three hours away from being perfectly aligned with Uranus. If you simply interpret this loosely, this moment says “an exciting love experience” that could begin the moment of conception.

I never saw Avila again until the Spring of 2010. One day my wife and I were in a a restaurant having breakfast when a woman in a bright green dress walked up to our table and pointed to herself while saying. “Randall, it worked. It’s been six month since October.” I stared at her in amazement. She was truly pregnant at last. According to Avila, this prediction was totally accurate. This was the time she conceived her child. She thanked me again and walked away smiling.

Those skilled in astrology may say, “Well, Venus visits Avila’s Uranus every year. Why didn’t she get pregnant before?” The answer is ” I don’t know.” I do know that for some reason I overlooked this obvious factor all these years. Only at a time when it was supposed to happen did it happen. This was the only time that I gave her this specific information on when she could get pregnant. But maybe this will work for a lot of women who want to consult a skilled astrologer to try this. Then this method could be validated. I would be wiling to work n a chart with anyone who wants to explore this possibility.

Do any of you astrologers out there have any stories of how astrology has worked for you? If so, please email them to me and we can pubish them here. We reserve the right to edit them, but don’t let that stop you. For those of you who would like to track  your planets, see my new book on Planetary Clusters.

Love to you, wherever you are.


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