Create A Purpose Driven Life, Manifest Your Heart’s Desire, and Solve Love Problems

By Using The Amazing Planetary Clusters In This Book


  • Are you headed in the wrong direction?
  • Don’t have a clue on how to fulfill your heart’s desire?
  • Stumbling in the dark when it comes to solving your love problems?

Well, suffer no more. Become intimate with this beautiful book that’s begging for your attention. Sink your mind into these pages, drink deeply, and you will suffer no more —

Because this book gives you immediate answers for solving your problems with love, money, or career.

Many benefits,  wait like gold nuggets on the ground right in front of you. Pick them up, use them, and  free your heart from the gnawing doubts of self-limitation.

If you get your hands on this book  you will connect with your true nature and reclaim your life.

Locate the planetary clusters in your birth chart. Take charge of your destiny.  Discover the path you know you should follow. Put yourself in harmony with the heavens and act upon what you are supposed to be doing. Put yourself on the path that your heart has asked you to follow all your life.

  • Understand your present life challenges and connect with the  hidden skills that you can use to  turn them into success.
  • Gain remarkable insights into all your relationships simply by understanding other people’s true motivations that are hidden in this secret map of their inner sky.
  • Learn the best time for you to move on your decisions and hold back when you discover you should do nothing.

Heavenly Solutions For Earthly Problems

Got a problem you feel you can’t solve? If so, maybe you’ve been looking too long  in the wrong place.

I beg you to  turn to the heavens for real answers. Oh, I don’t mean to just look up there, bow your head and hope and pray for some kind of divine revelation. I mean to look into  your own planetary clusters that are very alive and moving this very moment  through your psychological sky.

What Are These Planetary Clusters?

A planetary cluster is a combination of two or more planets in your birth chart which tell you something about who you are. They are full of psychological impulses, meaning, desires and attitudes. You brought them with you at birth. Some of them are “wounded” and others are “beneficial.” Wounded clusters can cause you lots of problems but the beneficial clusters can show you how to solve them.

This is a smart way to go.

Why not take your first lap right now? Find out what kind of wounds and benefits you were given at birth so you can learn to work with them and use them creatively . In this way, you will maximize your talents and learn how to heal your wounds more intelligently.

How Can You Locate Your Own Planetary Clusters?

Your planetary clusters were up there in the heavens preparing your human scripts for the moment you were born. Now that you are here, they are dictating your destiny. Wouldn’t you like to know what your planetary clusters have to say about you, your life purpose, your heart’s desire, and what you are supposed to be doing with your life? This book will shine a light on all these mysteries and make them real for you.

Statements of Appreciation For This Book

“Absolutely amazing book. Learning how to track my planetary clusters was a real eye-opener. I’ve been an astrologer for several years now and this is a far better way to read birth charts. Don’t live another day without this book”.

Becky Ely
Pipe Creek, Texas

“Randall Curtis has written a book I’ve been waiting for all my life Every time I pick it up, I am led into another mind-altering experience. What a delight to be able to drink from such wisdom. Thank you so much, Randall.”

Margaux Lyons
San Rafael, California

“This fascinating book caught my interest as soon as I picked it up. I stood there in the bookstore, reading pages and pages before I could put it down. I have gained so much understanding of all my friends and clients. I can’t imagine how I could have found these insights in any other way.”

Rachel Pemble-Fahert
Program Manager
National Institute of Health
Washington, DC

“Your book is very interesting and it has changed my way of thinking and has also changed my life. I got a better understanding of myself of who I am and I feel more secure. So your book has really been of big help to me…and I really hope that your ideas will touch and reach many people. I want to honor you and thank you for making me feel strong and help me get more self confidence.”

Best regards,


Who Should Read This  Book?

Many  therapists, coaches, and counselors are becoming aware of this book and are taking advantage of my 50 years of research into planetary clusters. They are learning how to ask their clients the right questions and guide them to the heart of more fruitful solutions.

These professionals help their clients track their wounded planetary clusters and heal these wounds much more quickly than through traditional  methods.

“I have studied the planetary clusters presented in this book for many years now. They have helped me gain a deeper understanding of my clients and how  to help them.”

John Burns
Psychotherapist and   CHT

Of course,  if you are a psychic, astrologer, tarot reader, numerologist, or other new age adventurer you will see immediately how to use the planetary clusters in this book to help others find the answers and solutions they are looking for.

  • Imagine how much you’ll be able to help others simply by knowing how their planetary  clusters dictate their destiny.
  • You can track their amazing  cluster activators to see what is happening behind the scene before they take action. Then you can help them plan life more successfully.
  • You can locate the wounded and beneficial planetary clusters in their birth chart so that you can see what is helping them and what is hindering them.
  • You can help them understand everyone in their family so they can bring harmony into their close relationships.
  • You can put and end to the mystery of relationships by showing them the desires and impulses hidden in other people’s planetary clusters.

How I Got To Writing This Book?

After 50 years of research and toiling over thousands of birth charts, I discovered the foundation principles of Planetary Psychology: If you fully understand the planetary clusters in a person’s birth chart, and can determine how all the subtle elements of a person’s life work together, you will be a master psychologist who truly gets results. You will fully understand any person’s inner life and help them realize their destiny in the fullest way possible. The greatest gift that you will give them is a profound understanding of who they are and what they were born to realize.

Do You Think Astrology Is So Complex That You Can’t Apply It Quickly?

Not a problem. With your planetary cluster book you will use astrology so easily that you will get all you need from it. Simply learn how to read the basic clusters to gain the insights you need in the moment. You will receive a free birth chart upon purchasing the book.

Money Back Guarantee

This book comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read this book cover to cover, and if these great discoveries don’t work for you within 60 days, we’ll cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the book, too.

Now, please go over to my friendly order page and tell PayPal you want this book now by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

Randall Curtis

P.S. If you do not want to take the time to do this, we can spend a few sessions together and I can teach you how. These sessions (via Skype) are not expensive and your life will be greatly enriched by this mind-altering experience. Use the link at the top of this page to contact me. Begin now to find heavenly solutions for your earthly problems. If you do, a very creative way of life awaits you.