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Planetary Psychology

Presented By the Institute of Planetary Psychology

(Founded in 1973 by Randall Curtis
Established As a Service Mark)


For nearly 50 years I have been developing a new psychology for the west and for the world that is revealed by the clusters of the signs and planets. Now it is necessary to make the following Declaration (2012):

Declaration of Planetary Psychology℠ 

We cannot master psychology without the aid of esoteric knowledge which often transcends logic and reason. Therefore, no mind-science dedicated to the understanding of others can possibly succeed  without first being grounded in the non-linear experiences of consciousness. This means that the awakening of non-linear awareness and intuitive depth that truly transcends logic is a primary requirement. At present, this potential understanding is forbidden or seriously neglected by those who choose to denounce what they refuse to explore. This has been especially true of the “mind scientists.”

Planetary Psychology℠ is the new psychology of the world because it reveals the inner nature of any individual instantly through the direct analysis of planetary clusters and eliminates the 10 major errors taught and practiced in Western Astrology. Planetary Psychology reveals what Carl Jung and other depth psychologists were looking for —a clear understanding of the hidden human desires, impulses, attitudes, and complexes. But, most of all, candidates are guided to the awakening of the feminine or masculine side of their nature, known as the animus and the anima in Jung’s teachings. For the most part, it seems that not a lot of people have discovered or realized the power of this personal discovery. But without this awakening, there can be no true healing of ourselves or others through self-love. When the anima (feminine aspect in a man) or the animus (masculine aspect of the woman) are awakened in us we can become true lovers of ourselves and the world. In fact, this is the true beginning of spiritual awakening. When we love ourselves, we have the capacity to love others. Otherwise, all our relationships are infested with selfish motives and we can rarely help others find their own happiness. The reason is simple: How can we guide others to happiness if we have not found it ourselves (self-love)? It appears that Jung was in the process of realizing his soul (the anima) but it did not seem complete at the end of his life. It seems that he glorified the hero (masculine) archetype most of his life but obviously realized that it was the feminine he needed to fully discover — his soul! No doubt, it seems that there have been many “Jungians”who have never realized this inner side of themselves.

In the summer of 1985, I had a vision of a woman flying into my heart like a bird and resting there. This transforming experience revealed that my own heart was a woman. I said to myself, “Oh. The woman has come home.” This was my realization of the feminine. This discovery led me to write my first book, “The Heart of Man Is a Woman.” This inner woman gave me a great sense of self love which totally changed my life and led me to eventually formulate the teachings of Planetary Psychology at this Institute.

Even though Planetary Psychology is a service mark (shown below)  it has been in a continuous process of development since it was conceived on April 3, 1973.

Detailed Descriptions of The Foundation Training

At The

Institute of Planetary PsychologySM

The Foundation Level is available to anyone who wants to pursue a career in Planetary Psychology or become highly skilled in synthesizing planetary cluster charts. This course can be used to obtain basic training in Planetary Psychology where you can begin to practice professionally.

Sample of a Planetary Cluster Chart

This Foundation Training consists of the teachings of Planetary Psychology. The teachings of Planetary Psychology  eliminate the countless therapy sessions that a therapist needs to discover in order to find out what her client really needs. Now, after no more than an hour, the therapist can become completely clear on what her client needs because she can see it directly in the true meaning of the planetary clusters revealed in the cluster chart. This understanding is immediate and without any doubt because it is fully confirmed by the client. The therapist spends most of her time thereafter helping the client work through these issues that they are now beginning to understand. The client becomes convinced of the wisdom and intuitive guidance of the therapist who has been thoroughly trained in this field.

Anyone, especially depth psychology,  therapists, and archetypal astrologers, who want to understand how to use the principles of Planetary Psychology, can begin by acquiring the text at Amazon.com  Search for “Planetary Clusters . How They Dictate Your Fate…and What YOU Can Do About Them” by Randall Curtis, Skysage Publications, or contact me for information on the necessary training that will make you an expert in reading and understanding planetary clusters.

A summary of this advanced training is presented further in Section II below. All sincerely interested therapists and psychologists should take advantage of this amazing time to discover these new forms of insight which can expedite the healing process in the lives of millions of those of us who are afflicted. I spent nearly 40 years developing Planetary PsychologySM and now you can benefit greatly from these discoveries. The results are simply amazing. The choice is yours.

The Curriculum

A central focus of the Institute is to make Planetary Psychology as easy as possible for you to learn. We certainly like having you here. The fact that you found us reveals that you are a mystical pioneer. In fact, you are the one we came here to serve.

Section I

The Foundation Course

If you are a serious student of astrology, therapist, or ardent seeker, you can engage in training to receive the Planetary Psychology Counseling Certificate which is a four year-four level-training segment designated as The Foundation Course. The Foundation Course consists of the Brown Level, Red Level, Green Level, and Blue Level. You will be certified as a Planetary Psychology Counselor upon  your successful completion of this foundation course. This certification qualifies you to take the more advanced courses as described in Section II below.

Planetary Psychology Counseling training is available tor anyone who wants to learn how to apply the principles of Planetary Psychology in their own area of expertise.

Planetary Psychology is especially beneficial for practicing therapists who desire to expand their understanding of Jungian archetypes that are presented in a entirely new framework, know as “Planetary Clusters.” Practicing astrologers and coaches of various techniques will benefit greatly from the successful completion of the more advanced levels explained in Section II of this paper.

If you are sincere and diligent in your studies, your progress can be rapid and certain. So, join us here at the Institute of Planetary Psychology as soon as you can. Whether you are in England, India, Russia, Japan, Greece, or New Zealand, you can learn Planetary Psychology. All students around the world are equal because they have equal opportunity to achieve mastery in the art of interpreting Planetary Cluster Charts.

You will be delighted with the new discoveries that you make and the new income stream that could help keep your security intact for many years to come. You can give lectures on radio, TV, and go anywhere in the world with your laptop or work from your phone and your computer. You will discover great self-respect from applying the skills you will learn from this training. Because it is very accurate and highly effective for understanding anyone on the deepest level, you will be recognized for your amazing skill in describing and discovering the precise archetypes (planetary clusters) of the countless human problems that so many people need to resolve.

For your training, you have someone fully skilled in Planetary Psychology who is as close as your computer to help you with any lesson and answer any questions you might have. As of this writing, we use Skype one-on-one visual phone sessions in which all students can schedule to participate. If you are interested in pursuing this wonderful art, please join us now.

This is a perfect way to learn, because you can take the lessons at your own pace and have live access to a skilled instructor every two weeks through your Skype phone session.

You will be absorbing new techniques for understanding anyone. Special friends around the world will be learning all these great techniques that I have developed for you. These are methods that most western astrologers. Jungians and therapists never use because it took over 50 years to eliminate the ten basic errors in western astrology. It is clear that so many are still using these erroneous methods.

All the principles used here have been fully validated through experience. You can be glad that you will not be using outmoded and inaccurate astrological methods here – only those techniques that give you the best answers in the shortest span of time will be given to you.

It is not wise to read a lot of books on western astrology. There are so many astrological writers who simply copy one another. There are others who use endless theories and techniques expounded by the newest researchers on the block. And if you try to absorb all this “stuff”, you will become totally confused and even delay your progress toward certification. Further, most western astrologers are still using erroneous aspect methods and illogical house systems. You will discover a better way to correct these problems.

Actually,  there is simply too much information. If you don’t know how to sift through it, you will most likely wander off a path that could truly work against you. Please understand that I am not saying this is the only method in the world. I am simply saying that it is important to stay with one method at a time until you complete that course of study. Otherwise, you may not have enough knowledge to know what works and what is detrimental to you. This is where the Institute of Planetary Psychology can help you stay on track. Plus, you will have a living connection with other practicing friends who have passed this way. They fully understand these techniques and can really help you.

It took so many, many years of trial and error to find those true astrological gems that work so well. Now, I would like to share these gems with you. Is it your time to become a master of planetary clusters and the human psyche? Now may be your time  to get the very best astrological and psychological  training possible and increase your income options.

At last you can use the same wonderful knowledge that has worked so well for me for over these many years. Join me now in this great adventure and discover how to use the planets to understand yourself and all the people you will help in the future.

While I cannot list all the material that you will cover in your journey, we have given you a course description for the first 12 lessons of the Foundation Course. There are four levels and 12 lessons to each level. The first level is called “The Brown Level.” The other levels are Red, Green, and Blue. These form the 48 lesson package. It usually takes about four years to complete the Foundation Course.

The first 12 Lessons is called “The Brown Level.”  It is described below to give you an idea of the direction you will be taking. This accelerated training is designed to help you lay a foundation for becoming  a professional interpreter of Planetary Psychology.

Here is a description of what you will be studying in the Brown Level. Please realize that all planetary cluster lessons are subject to change in content and direction because we are constantly discovering and refining new insights to share with you.

The Brown Level

Lessons 1 through 12

1. Zodiac Signs are specific human attitudes. Take a fresh look at the “signs” and you will begin to see their expression all around you everyday in the attitudes of people. Once you learn what to look for, you won’t believe what you have been missing, and discover what most folks will probably never know.

2. Exploring psychic space. Most people don’t realize that the space around them is full of meaning. When you know how to read this psychic space, which is the outer space reflected within, your life will take on a whole new adventure and you will never again be unaware of these subtle forces. As a result, your life will not be the same.

3. Planets as desires. The planets are not just physical objects moving in outer space; even though science would have us believe that they are only material objects to be observed and understood from a mechanical and analytical viewpoint. Notice how easily they dismissed the planet, Pluto. It is no longer shown to have a prominent place in our solar system. However, this does not remove Pluto from the sky nor limit its tremendous psychological effect upon human consciousness. Science has not accepted the empirical evidence that all the planets are orbiting through our psychic space and reveal our impulses and desires and why we act the way we do. But you will learn all about how this works in this lesson. Your personal experiences with these ideas will show you how planets actually reveal human desires and attitudes. This can be mind-boggling to an unaware mind.

4. How the planets stimulate specific attitudes. When a planet is found in a “sign” it stimulates specific human attitudes. You will learn all about how these attitudes are expressed in a particular person and in what way they are unique. Most of us have positive and negative attitudes. You will be able to decipher this symbolic code from the chart of any person you wish to explore and learn how the planets stimulate their particular attitudes. What an amazing revelation this experience is. You will begin to see that this is the true psychology you have been looking for.

5. Understanding the five personal planets: The personal planets travel closely to the Sun and therefore serve the ego. These planets are influenced very strongly by the impersonal planets and react to their influence. In a sense, the impersonal planets have dominance over the personal planets due to their powerful energies and over-riding impact on consciousness.

6. Understanding the five impersonal planets: Most astrological books do not separate the smaller planets from the bigger planets in a way that is clearly understood, but there is a tremendous psychological difference between them and their effect upon human consciousness. You will thoroughly understand these differences. This, too, will open up a new level of awareness within you.

7. How the impersonal planets relate to the personal planets: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter are “ambassadors of the galaxy” as the great philosophical astrologer, Dane Rudhyar,  pointed out and are here to awaken us to a higher understanding of our incarnation. The personal comfort zones created by the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, the personal planets, are often disrupted by the bigger planets to kick us out of our limited conditioning. Many individuals who have experienced spiritual awakenings, may often be under the impact of one or more impersonal planets at the time.

8. Detecting harmony and discord between planets: Learn which planetary clusters are in harmony and which are in discord. When you fully understand these relationships you are beginning to penetrate to the deeper psychological realm of the planets and you will be able to see the conflicts and harmonies within a person and between people in a matter of minutes. This, in itself, is an astounding capacity to realize.You will begin to see that your intuitive capacities have grown. They will enable you to be an amazing interpreter of the planetary cluster chart.

9. How to create and compare planetary cluster charts: Most astrological charts are too complex for the average person to understand. This complexity can be greatly reduced when we learn how to work with and understand planetary clusters, and not look at planets in mere isolation. This approach also makes relationships much easier to understand in much less time.

10. Creating planetary profiles: Learn the procedure for setting up a profile on yourself or anyone else in a easy step by step method that does not require a lot of analysis. You will be able to follow the meaning of planetary clusters and how they relate specifically to each other in the chart.

11. Understanding fatal attractions: Learn about the kind of planetary energies between people that create negative, obsessive, possessive, and potentially violent encounters. Your text provides a simple map for understanding these various forms of obsession. When you see these forces working in people, you will be amazed how the planetary clusters reveal this.

12. Exercising your interpretive skills with real people: You will be given the chart of a specific individual for a simple analysis of their character traits based on what you have learned thus far. You will also be required to do a chart of someone you know and record their feedback to illustrate your understanding. This will give you great confidence. Because by the time you reach this point, you will know exactly how to do this, and I am certain you will be very pleased with the results.

You  will  be awarded the Planetary Psychology Counseling Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the Four Levels of The Foundation Course.

Tuition For Training In the Foundation Course

There are four levels of training in the Foundation Course: Brown, Red, Green and Blue.

The Tuition For Each level is $495

Enrollment and Course Guidelines

Effective November 1, 2015

Your Personal Semester

1. We have created a Personal Semester for each student who is enrolled in the Institute. This means that your Semester begins when you begin. This is impossible to implement for most universities because with this system each student has his or her own personal dates when the semester ends. The record keeping would be overwhelming. Also the Personal Semester is much longer, so that the student has ample time to absorb his or her training for each level. For example, if your date for your enrollment in the Brown Level is February 4, 2015, it will end on August 5, 2016. This gives you 24 weeks to complete 12 lessons. This period of time would cover one lesson for every two weeks.

2. Should you complete these lessons in a shorter period of time and pass your final exam for that level, you could enroll in the next level of the Foundation Course and establish a new Personal Semester. In this way you are not bound by a rigid teaching schedule which is prevalent in other institutions. This policy enables you to have more choices and flexibility in completing your Planetary Psychology Training.

3. Every student has the opportunity to proceed at his or her own pace. In general, it takes approximately two to four years to complete the Foundation Course. However this is up to the you, because you can go as fast as you want. With diligent study it is possible to complete the Foundation Course in two years.

4. You will become highly skilled in reading the life of any person quite easily, because the course is to make sure you have the proper guidance and help from your mentor. Other schools do not provide a personal mentor for each student. All of our students have access to a master astrologer who can keep them on course. Very few universities can provide such guidance. And in most of the schools, the tuition is beyond reach for most students. Skysage Astrology Institute has made its courses affordable.

You can then proceed to the more advanced courses. These courses are fully explained in Section II below. These are the courses you would take after completing the Foundation Course, which consists of four levels. There are innumerable charts that you will read do gain further expertise. There is no way any student can complete these levels without proving their skill in chart synthesis. This is why you will become a master at planetary psychology. We make sure that you have earned this high honor.

Each Lesson Provides a Self-Exam

Each lesson has a self-exam at the end. If you pass each one of these self-exams, you will be well-prepared to complete the Final Exam for the level in which you are enrolled. If you do not pass the Final Exam for your level, you will be provided with a free Skype session with a mentor to go over the material that was not answered correctly. This session will give you a chance to help you pass the final exam for this level.  The point is that we want you to succeed. But at the same time, it is necessary to make sure you understand how to use all the practices correctly that were presented in the lessons.

Free Bi-monthly Skype Phone Sessions With Your Mentor

Please remember that you have the opportunity to go over any material in the lesson with me as your a mentor. You are granted two Skype phone sessions a month for each level of the Foundation Course to clarify any area of the teachings that are not clear to you. My Skype number is skyman235. Please realize that it is up to you to arrange your Skype appointments. Whether you use them or not, these monthly sessions expire every 30 days, and if missed, they cannot accumulate or be saved for another time. For example, if you do not have a Skype session during a month, you have only 10 sessions left for that level. Those sessions that are not used, are simply lost.

All lessons are sent to you via email for you to print out and place in a binder. But you must ask for the next lesson. They are not sent automatically. Occasionally there will be special videos you can access to aid in your understanding of the lessons. These will be posted on www.planetarypsychology.com and are accessed with a password.

Remember:  You will have a skilled mentor to guide you through your lessons. You are free to make two phone calls a month to your mentor to clarify any lessons or problems. Please be sure to enroll in the Skype telephone system on the internet. It is mostly free. This is especially beneficial if you live outside of the United States.


How to Enroll

Please go to  enrollment  and  sign up for the Foundation Course. After you have completed the enrollment form, click on Tuition For Students, and process your payment through Pay Pal. If you wish to pay by check, please let us know. We do not accept credit cards.


After the completion of your Foundation Course (Four levels of Training), you will be invited to continue with the more advanced training which is described below in Section II.


Section II

Advanced Level Training

Prerequisite: Planetary Psychology Counseling Credential (PPCC)

1. Application of Chaldean Numbers

When you complete the Foundation Course successfully (48 Lessons), you are eligible to enroll in this advanced level of chart analysis and learn how to use the ancient Chaldean number system with your interpretation of astrological information. The combination of the Chaldean number system with your astrological training will help you become an outstanding astrologer in a relative short time. Unlike the Foundation Level,  the advanced levels involve working closely with your instructor to make sure you are able to apply and understand these methods.

  1. Application of Chaldean Numbers In Chart Interpretation. While many excellent astrologers use numbers to enhance their chart interpretations, it is not done by most astrologers. We have discovered that using these numbers is essential to gaining real depth in your interpretation.
  2. Construction and Interpretation of the Soul’s Pathway. This remarkable technique helps focus the astrologer’s attention on the central part of the chart, called the “Path of the Blue Eagle,” which leads to a deeper understanding of the destiny of the whole person as you follow this path through the chart.
  3. How Impersonal Planets Affect Personal Planets. This practice enables the astrologers to focus on which planets have the greatest impact on other planets which strongly affects the interpretation of the whole chart.
  4. Cluster Activator Interpretations. The astrologer learns how to track the moving planets through various parts of the chart to determine the kind of experiences the client will be most likely subject to in his or her present life cycle. This is a very important skill to master because it will enable you to “predict” the kind of episodes your client is likely to have in her life . This work has been fully documented and explained in your textbook.
  5. Interpretation of Solar Arc Progressions and Other Forms of Prediction. You will learn how to discover coming events in the birth chart and the significance of the Now Chart. Such discoveries have been experienced by most all practicing, professional astrologers. It is a tremendous validation that the future seems pre-destined.

Upon the successful completion of this level you will receive the AOCN Credential which qualifies you as a Advanced Practitioner of Planetary Psychology. Tuition for this training is $1350. Installment payments can be arranged.

2. The Art of Synthesis

Prerequisite: Application of Chaldean Numbers

(AOCN Credential)

This advanced training consists of mastering The Art of Synthesis through the Analysis of 50 Planetary Cluster Charts under the guidance of a skilled mentor. This area of practice in Planetary Psychology tests and challenges all the skills that you have developed at this point. This is where you are challenged to become a true professional.

  1. Applications of Solar Arc Progressions. These progressions have reached some of the most profound insights into the past and present situation of an individual’s life. They can sometimes start the healing of a problem that was dormant in the unconscious for many years. They also show how and when an individual will radically change her attitudes at a specific time in her life cycle. This enables the interpreter to shine light on a a situation that may not have been so apparent before.
  2. Interpretation of Cluster Activators. This practice enables you to focus on what kind of challenges and opportunities a client is presently going through and how it relates to their current life cycle. This information enriches your understanding and increases your capacity to synthesize the other factors in the chart. These insights can be very clarifying for the client.
  3. How to Use Fixed Stars In Your Interpretation. There are revelations found in the position of fixed stars in your birth chart and add new depth to your insights. It is important to know how to use these in your interpretation. The text for this is “Secrets of the Ancient Skies” by Diana Rosenberg.
  4. Satisfactory Completion of Analysis of 50 Charts.

Upon the successful completion of this program you will receive the MOAS Credential which qualifies you as a Master of The Art of Synthesis. To reach this point in your training is truly a great achievement. You deserve the honor and respect that comes from the demonstration of such wisdom. Tuition for this training is $1350. Installment payments can be arranged.

3. The Mastery of Relationship Analysis

Prerequisite: Master of The Art of Synthesis (MOAS Credential)

A MOAS Credential is a prerequisite for enrollment in this final program of the Institute which consists of The Mastery of Relationship Analysis. As in all the other courses, you are personally supported and guided by a mentor. You will work with over a hundred charts that will be selected to illustrate how relationships in different settings function in harmony and in discord.

Relationship is one of the most important areas of analysis in Planetary Psychology. Because so few people understand what another person is really like inside, most techniques for analyzing relationships are based on theories, tests, and beliefs that fall short of any real accuracy in judgment. . This is why we have put this section last in our credential program. it is a demonstration of the true expertise of a Planetary Psychologist. The final section of training is fulfilled when you complete the following areas of relationship analysis:

  1. How to interpret the harmony and discord in a love relationship. The information you discover from studying how the signs and planets show harmony or discord between individual cluster charts is immensely useful in helping couples understand their differences. These charts show if there is enough compatibility between the couple to make the relationship last. In any case, this analysis will reveal the reality of the relationship so that the individuals involved can decide if they want to continue to be together. In any case, they will fully understand what they need to do. My short book on “How Do I Find True Love” can be very useful for others in assessing the harmony or discord in a relationship. It is available on Amazon.com or you can locate it in the “Star Books” section of this site.
  2. Exploring fatal attractions.Most people are not aware of what a fatal attraction is like until they get involved in one. This section of training shows you how to determine if a relationship is potentially dangerous or not. The astrologer who is trained in this skill can be very helpful to people who confuse this attraction with having found their soul mate. Some of these attraction often lead to potentially dangerous situations and should be avoided at all costs.
  3. Creating couple harmony. Learning how to live in harmony with differences. This practice alon can totally alter a relationship and make it so much better than ever before.
  4. Soul Mate issues.Exploring misconceptions of how to find your soul mate.
  5. Art of marriage counseling. This training is of immense help to the professionals in this field.
  6. Art of business relationships. Know what kind of partners can work well together and those who can not. This is truly a very valuable piece of information that can serve the business community.

You will be challenged to analyze various kinds of relationships in love, mating, dating, business partners, friends, family members, students, strangers, clients and associates. You will become an expert in instantly recognizing how positive and negative relationships function in people’s lives. This is one area where the psychological profession can truly use this kind of expertise. Tuition for this training is $1200. Installment payments can be arranged.

Satisfactory completion of this advanced section bestows the highest form of certification: The Master of Relationship Analysis (MORA Certificate) Completion of this section requires a broad range of skills that are necessary to truly understand the complexity of how an individual is constructed from within. However, you have the greatest help possible.

The Planetary Cluster Chart is our greatest tool for revealing all the subtle contradictions in the makeup of our clients. In the hands of a highly skilled interpreter, this chart becomes fully illumined. The answers and solutions to the problems of relationships in love, marriage, work, business and social situations are clearly seen in a very short period of time. This knowledge and understanding can be a tremendous benefit to people everywhere.

It is our task to make this knowledge and practice available to all who will open their hearts and minds to the psychological sky within them. For it is here that the solutions to most human problems can be found. Therapists, coaches and counselors everywhere could benefit greatly from this training— if they are willing to look again at something they may have chosen to overlook: The Psychological Sky.

One of the world’s greatest psychologist, Carl Jung, had the courage to look beyond the walls of the clinical mind when he said, “Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” Thus Planetary Psychology now has a true voice in the western world.

As the result of your marvelous achievements, you will be invited to become a lifetime member and mentor of the Planetary Psychology Institute. It is estimated that complete training in the Planetary Psychology Institute will require approximately six years to finish. However, some students will do so in a shorter time.

Needless to say, to reach such skilful and masterful heights, requires a true dedication and intense desire to climb this pinnacle of understanding. I am longing to see you here. To smile joyfully and embrace you, for you will then be a true gift to the world.

I wish you all the best in this magnificent journey ahead. Many marvelous and astounding discoveries await you. Call upon your  courage. Be strong. Face the fire and see it through. You can do it! The world is waiting for you. So many, many people need your help. I hope  you will be there for them and future generations?

Randall Curtis
Founder of Planetary Psychology
Director, Institute of Planetary Psychology