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Example 1: Understanding How Another Person Thinks

In this example, we will will learn how a person’s mind works, what kind of mind they have, how they think and how they process  information. I don’t know of any other system where you can get such an accurate chart reading than with Skysage Astrology. As you may know, Skysage Astrology is the new astrology of the west. It corrects the ten basic errors of Western Astrology and employs the original techniques of Planetary Psychology which I have been developing over the past 40 years.

Let’s look at Mercury in an actual birth chart to determine how a particular person processes information. After we have done this, you may want to check out the sign position of your Mercury and the planets that form clusters with it, or you may be curious about how your mate, child, boss, or any other person thinks. This can be especially rewarding if you have had trouble trying to understand another person. This is not difficult. However, you will have to have some basic understanding of astrology to understand this procedure. If you do not, please check here for free lessons.


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In the chart above, the planet, Mercury,  is clustered with the planet, Pluto, which reveals a very definite kind of thinking.The red line between the two planets show that they are not in harmony. I call this “a wounded Mercury” which is also to say, “a wounded thinker.”

Since Pluto is categorized as an impersonal planet, it has the dominant influence upon Mercury. As many of you may know, Pluto is truly a powerful planet and will not tolerate any form of interference from such a personal planet as Mercury. This kind of energy shows a person who was born with a very powerful mind but the mental reactions are extreme.

You can understand this better if you look at the sign in which each planet is located. Here, Pluto is in the sign of Virgo which gives a very strong impulse to perfection. Pluto expresses itself this way because the sign of Virgo is compelled to “get things right.” Pluto in Virgo imparts an intense demand to have things done right, but the planet, Mercury, (the mind) wants to be totally free of such limitations. It feels completely frustrated by the compulsive demands of Pluto.

This person tends to express very reactive emotions when she is confronted with chaos. Mercury in Sagittarius wants to soar through the heavens of the mind on a fast horse that does not want to be corralled in any way. But Pluto demands that Mercury submit. This is the primary reason for the unusual demands this person not only places upon themselves but also upon other people. Mercury in Sagittarius is  a traveling and adventurous mind. It reacts strongly against the demanding limitations of Pluto in Virgo that wants to keep all of her “ducks in a row.” Explosive, verbal abuse is a challenge which this person will need to work. She will need to dissolve her reactions through a clear understanding of how this planetary cluster tends to rule her life!

This kind of interpretation can be easily understood if you keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • An impersonal (outer planets) planet has the dominating influence upon a personal planet (Mercury, Moon, Venus, etc.);
  • The sign that the impersonal planet is in provides a lot of insight into the attitudes of that planet. This is because a sign is a “specific human attitude”;
  • The sign the personal planet is in reveals the specific attitude that that planet uses to express itself;
  • If the attitudes (signs) of the planets are not in harmony, the specific attitudes of the larger planet holds dominance over the smaller one;
  • If the two planets are in signs that are in harmony, then the larger planets provides a great assistance to the smaller planet.

When you first start to study these clusters, start with only two planets involved. It is easier to get a clear picture of the psychological content before going into a deeper and more subtle interpretation when more planets are involved. For example, this woman could have Venus and Mars also in Sagittarius, which would certainly intensify the conflict and cause her to over-react to others in a very volatile manner. These reactions could become intolerable for others to live under. GrandBluebird2

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Wishing you many happy discoveries,

Randall Curtis
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