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Innernet Astrologer, Randall Curtis,

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Do you often wonder if you are in the right relationship? Is this person a good astrology match for you? How can you know for sure? What is the best way? An expert astrologer can answer all these questions for you in less than an hour. It is simple. All of us are made up of the heavens. The planets and signs really do reveal who we are. Then its a matter of comparing your celestial chemistry with that of another person to see if you are really compatible. This is how astrology matches are determined. After over 50 years of practice, I have found this the most accurate system for understanding relationships that I have ever seen. My clients certainly agree. See “Statements of Appreciation” below.[/box] [box title=”Statements of Appreciation For Astrology Match Readings” color=”#412ee6″]

                           Kim From Valdosta, GA

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“I was quite amazed speaking with Randall Curtis today. He has never met me, nor my boyfriend. I didn’t give him any information about us except our birth dates, times, and places. Throughout our conversation, I was continually nodding yes as he described both of our personalities and ways that we relate to each other.

I don’t care what anyone says; astrology is a science. It’s for real. Otherwise, there’s no way Mr. Curtis could have told me the things he did; and, with such accuracy. It does almost seem scary.

I definitely would love to learn how to read charts like he does. Thank you again Mr. Curtis for such an intriguing conversation, and for your insight”

Valdosta, GA


                       Janet From New York, NY

“I received a relationship reading from Randall Curtis. He was insightful and extremely knowledgeable. His reading was structured and very easy to follow. He takes an extremely complex subject and is able to translate a circle with glyphs into a story about your relationship. He was able to bring understanding to some areas of my 29 year marriage and some insight into future planetary influences. I would recommend a relationship reading whether your relationship is brand new or very mature. Thank you Randall.”

New York


                       Karen From Walnut Creek, CA


chart with finger

“Most people engage in ‘Compatibility’ readings for current relationships and potentially new-found couples, I asked Randall to do a Compatibility reading for me regarding a relationship that ended with many loose ends, questions and just plain old unfinished business!

Past, present or future relationships, one thing remains constant and that is our Birth Charts and Planetary Clusters. Through Randall’s amazing Psychology Astrology/Planetary Clusters I was reassured that what was felt, lived and loved was most certainly cast in the stars; but so was the ending. Nothing I could have done would have changed the outcome.

And it is finally knowing not only with my heart, my mind but also our charts that this IS the ending the ‘stars’ predicted. While nothing can bring the past back, I most certainly will have Randall provide his awesome life experience, genuine insights and powerful knowledge he shares into any future potential relationships I enter.

Thank you, Randall for providing the most honest means to heal my heart, mind and most importantly, my soul. None of this would have been possible without you! I suffered several needless years of anguish and loss that could have been averted and the energy put to better use.

Through Randall’s expertise we all can better ‘live and learn’!

Bless you, my friend.

Walnut Grove, CA

                     Shoshana From New York, NY


“My relationship reading/consultation with Randall Curtis was a unique value!.

I have purchased many computerized reports over the years, and some of them have been very good. But, certainly none compares to the personalized information that Randall was able to share with me today.

What really impressed me was his honesty, and his special insight into the human heart. He is a very gifted and knowledgeable astrologer. I learned things today about my relationship that will be valuable to me forever.”

Shoshana HaLevy
New York

                          Phyllis From Long Island, NY



“Randall Curtis is a gifted astrologer. I came away from the reading with clarity and understanding lifelong patterns in a way that will truly assist me as I move forward. He has a depth of knowledge informed by intuitive grace that shines through during his readings.

Although it is clear he understands and is facile with the complexity of astrology, he is gifted in translating this information into practical and grounded guidance.

He conveys all this information with warmth and sensitivity, it is a wonderful combination. I enthusiastically recommend him! ”

Long Island, NY


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Randall Curtis
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