Help With Relationship

If you are asking

“Where can I get help with relationship advice?”

the answer is HERE.

Right here on this page. Read on and  I will make this very clear to you.This is the only stop you need to make to find truly satisfying answers that are very accurate and immediatly applicable to your situation. Here is where you can truly get help with relationship.

I assure you that I am 95% accurate in being “spot on” about the inner workings of your relationship — the behind the scene chemistry that is hard to understand. I’ve been doing this for over 50 years The internet wasn’t even around when I was highly successful and widely known as an expert in reading relationships.

Test me. Try me. I’m waiting here at the Wisdom Well.

Who am I? My name is Randall Curtis. I direct a professional school of astrology and teach people how to use astrology to read relationships correctly. But I also do quick and accurate readings for others who are in desperate need of hekp with relationship.

Don’t swear off dating. Just swear off dating the wrong people.

How do you do that?

By being smart. You must absolutely understand their celestial chemistry and how it relates to you.

If you do this only once, you will never again date where the outcome becomes a painful regret.


So, be smart, and contact me right now with your date, time and place of birth and the other person’s date, time and place of birth. If you only have their birth date, then I can still find the answers you need, so don’t worry about that. Go right now to the top of this site over to the right where it reads “Contact”. Click on that and send me the information. After you do this,  send me $50 by processing your payment with PayPal below. Simply click on the icon and you will walk easily through the steps.

After I have received the birth information and confirmation through PayPal, I will go to work on analyzing your charts.

Don’t’ risk another date, until you have the right information about the other person. This is easy. Not complicated. Believe me, I can make any relationship totally clear to you within 15 minutes. Do this for yourself and you will wonder why you did not do this long ago.

I am waiting here at the Wisdom Well to give you the answers you have been looking for. It is possible you could have your answer within less than 60 minutes, act now so I can get going on the solutions you need. I guarantee you will receive help with relationship.



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