Horoscope Compatibility Chart Errors Are Now Solved



Have You Ever Been Misled

By Those Computer Generated Horoscope Compatibility Charts?

Most horoscope compatibility charts generated by western astrology software has been grossly inaccurate, misleading, and very disappointing to thousands of  clients who are seeking real solutions to their relationship problems.

The major error is in the programming which producesd inaccurate interpretations based on false assumptions about planetary relationships.

So, what’s wrong?

Here are a couple of examples.

Example 1

In traditidional western astrology a relationship between two planets that are 120 degrees apart are considered a “trine”which is a very harmonious indicator in relationships.Most of this software allows a deviation of five to ten degrees from exact. This means that planetary re4lationships with 115 degrees or 125 degrees are considered a “trine.”

Here is why this does not work:

For example, if your chart show that you have Mars at 27 degrees of Leo and Saturn is at 1 degree of Capricorn, these two planets are only 124 degrees apart. This is well withIn the allowed deviation of ten degrees. But if you look at this closely, this cannot possibly be a trine..

Here’ why this does not work:

Because Mars is in a fire sign and Saturn is an an earth sign.These two elements are not in harmony. Therefore, they would not be in harmony in a relationship.

Example 2

If your Neptune is 1 degree of  Virgo and your Venus is at 27 degrees of Scorpio thet are only 96 degrees apart. A 90 degree relationship is called a “square.” If  Neptune was at 25 degrees of Leo and your Venus was at 25 degrees of Scorpio, these would be exactly square (90 degrees apart). But if Neptune is at one degree of Virgo, it is still programmed as a square. This is because the actual distance is only 96 degrees between the two planets. BUT they are now in harmonious signs —Virgo and Scorpio —water and earth. Water and earth are in harmony; They are not in discord.

These two examples prove the fallacy of  this kind of astrology programming.



You don’t have to know anything about astrology to participate in the following program.



Skysage Innernet Heavenars

Now is your chance to find out what the heavens really say about you, your life, and your relationships that will make total sense.

Don’t waste any more time going to psychology classes and taking traditional astrology courses, or consulting erroneous computerized charts.

Now you can take a direct journey into the heavens that live within you and reveal what they are saying and what they were doing the moment you were born. This is where we focus. This is where you find the real answers now that will help you. This is where the real solutions to your life are residing. This is the Innernet.

A Heavenar takes place only in the Innernet where great wisdom and wise teachers can be found to help you awaken from the illusions of being born. If this is what you are seeking, you have been guided to the right place.


My name is Randall Curtis. I have been an innernet guide for over 50 years. I have spent thousands of hours in the heavens seeking the answers and solutions for the many friends who have come to me for help throughout these long years. All of this experience has shown me how to help others solve their problems.

This is why I created the Skysage Internet Heavenars. These are seminars that focus on the answers and solutions that are found in the sky above you. Therefore, these are specific kinds of seminars called Innernet Heavenars. There is no seminar or webinar quite like a Heavenar. We find the real answers that are mostly overlooked by other traditional solution-seeking measures.

 What Is A Heavenar?

A Heavenar is a special event where a group of people gather on the innernet to explore the hidden knowledge of the heavens that is taught by the Skysage Astrology Institute. These Heavenars are presented through Google Plus so that you can easily access and participate in the live presentations.

This first Heavenar (SIH1), which shows you “How To Find The One You Have Always Wanted”, will last for four weeks.

Innernet Heavenar SIH 1

June 10, 2013

How To Find The One
You’ve Always Wanted

This first Innernet Heavenar is designed
to help you take care of one of our
greatest problems as human beings.

Men and women simply don’t understand each other. This Heavenar was created to give you the innernet tools you need to help you solve this problem.

You will not only understand the real cause of relationship discord, but also clearly understand how to prevent it from ever arising in the first place. This method is so simple and powerful that you will be astounded by how effective and accurate it is.

  1.  Learn how zodiac signs reveal your specific attitudes.
  2. Learn how the planets reveal your specific desires.
  3. Discover your partner or potential mate’s specific attitudes and desires.
  4. Discover how your specific desires and attitudes relate to the specific desires and attitudes of another person.
  5. Discover how to summarize your conclusions about your relationship. You will quickly come to understand that your insights are amazingly accurate.This is why it is an act of wisdom to turn to the heavens to solve your relationship problems. 

HowTo Participate In Your First Heavenar

Here is what you will need to do to participate in this Heavenar. Please read these instructions carefully.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to join Google Plus. If you are already a member, locate the Hangouts section. (You may need to install Hangouts.)
  2. You will need to order a small book that shows you how to read relationships. The name of this book is How Do I Find True Love? The cost of this book is only $12.95, plus tax and shipping. Please allow time to order this book to have available for your first Heavenar session. To order this book, please go to https://www.planetarypsychology.com/heavenar-order-page-for-how-do-i-find-true-love/

There is also a $25 tuition for the four weeks of training.  Go here to process your payment.

  1. Next, you will need to obtain your own sky chart and your partner or potential mate’s chart. Go to the top of the site at https://www.planetarypsychology.com and click on Contact. Send the name, date, time and place of birth for both of you. If you don’t know the time, don’t worry. The sky chart can still be created and sent to you along with your first week’s lesson.
  2. After you have received your textbook, sky charts, and paid your tuition, you are ready to participate in the Heavenar. Also, it would be wise to get a 3-ring binder for notes and simple assignments.
  3. Each Heavenar consists of a maximum of 9 participants and the instructor. You also have the benefit of receiving help from a live session via Skype with me. Once you are enrolled, you will receive my Skype login so you can personally contact me for a free 15 minute session should you need some help.
  4. If a Heavenar has an enrollment of less than four people, it will be cancelled. You have the option to find another SIH-1 Heavenar because it is repeated four times a week. Please check the schedule below to determine which Heavenar you want to attend. It is important to understand that all of these Heavenars are the same for that week. This system of presentation allows a maximum of 36 participants a week. The letters, “SIH-1”, is the name of the Heavenar, “How To Find The  One You Have Always Wanted.” The letters, “SIH-1-1” simply tells you the time and date where the first Heavenar is presented. To chose the date and time of the Heavenar you want, please select it from the following schedule and be ready to sign in for that date. The time shown is Pacifc Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Time when applicable.

Heavenar     Starting Date       Time   

SIH 1-1          June 10, 2013    10:15 am

SIH 1-2          June 10, 2013      2:15 pm

SIH 1-3          June 12, 2013    10:15 am

SIH 1-4          June 12, 2013      2:15 pm

 Dates of the last Heavenar are July 1 and 3, 2013.  Note that July 3 is on Wednesday due to July 4th


Note: Please log in to your Google Plus account when you are ready to receive the invitation to join the Heavenar at the time you have selected. If you are unable to join the Heavenar, go to my YouTube Channel and look for the current broadcast on that page. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel:


This event is the first Skysage Inner Heavenar ever presented any where. Therefore it is a pioneering step into  a new form of communication of the deeper mysteries to all those who are ready to take the adventure. If there are some technical glitches, do not be overly concerned. We will straighten them out. Just realize that once we get going, you are going to be very inspired and very pleased with what you discover.

Randall Curtis
Astrology Institute
Planetary Psychology
Skysage Innernet Heavenars
P.O. Box 150397
San Rafael, Ca 94915