How To Avoid Horoscope Hell

Why Some Horscopes Lead to Regret
Painful Relationships

The kind of horoscopes that can cause you to make serious errors in choosing a mate are the sun sign hooscopes that ony  do a part of your birth chart; let’s say, about your sun sign, moon sign or rising sign.

But where is the mention of Saturn, the scrooge of the zodiac, whose painful infuences can destroy a  relationship between lovers? For example, if a man has his Saturn in the same sign as your Venus, he simply will be your worst critic. You will eventually come to realize that he does not love you. He only seems to have time enough to criticize you.

If you have any doubt about this, contact me.

What abut Pluto? If your lover’s Pluto is in the sign of Scorpio and your Mars is in Aquarius or Leo, you are in serious trouble. The person with the Pluto in Scorpio will be a tyrant in your life. You will be constantly in fear of him and feel “under the gun” as long as you are in his company.

However, on the other hand, if his Jupiter in the same sign as your Moon, you will feel nurtured, supported and sustained by him.  What a blessing! But haven’t you noticed that sign horoscopes do not explain these things to you!

This means that you have no way of understanding these things if you choose sun sign horoscopes for your answers.

Unfortunately, this is the commercial astrology that is peddled across the internet and in the market place. It is a misleading practice and often more harmful than helpful to others.

Professional astrologers cringe over this kind of practice. It is not the true practice of the truly great astrologers who take all of your signs and planets and relate them to the other person’s signs and planets. This is the only way you can be truly accurate in your judgment about a relationship.

Please do not let yourself be fooled by the computerized sun sign horoscopes. If you do, you will surely be led down a potentially deadly path that will only lead to you to make serious mistakes in judgment.This also means that if you go online and see a link that says, “The Best Ten Horoscope Sites” more than likely you will find that most of these promote sun sign astrology.

These are not usually professional astrology sites. But take the journey and see. You are free to judge for yourself.

What to do?

Contact a professional astrologer who can do a professional and accurate relationship analysis for you. If you do, you will gain some truly beneficial advise and save yourself from making a serious error in judgment. Who are the professional and reliable astrologers. The best way to tell is to ask an astrologer’s clients. He or she will gladly provide you with this information.

Best of all, you will avoid horoscope hell.

You may pay a little more for this service, but isn’t that better than paying with your life?

All the best,

Randall Curtis
Skysage Astrology Institute




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