The Planets In Astrology

The Best Way to Understand The Planets In Astrology…

is to explore your personal Zodiac, which is a mysterious circle in the sky that can reveal how you are made up inside. It is the astrologer’s task to explain how these various parts of yourself function together. Then you can determine how the present moving planets are affecting these various parts of yourself. These present moving planets are called “cluster activators” which come in contact with the specific planets that are shown in your birth chart. It is easy to track these “cluster activators” right now so you can determine how they are affecting you.


I also call these cluster activators “psychological stimulators,” because they actually activate a particular area of your psychological makeup.


So, What Do You Need To Do?

Specific planetary energies are constantly dictating your actions and reactions through your zodiac signs. That’s why it is very important for you to understand how these planetary clusters are affecting you and dictating your destiny.



The Skysage Innernet Heavenar



Learn How Planetary Clusters Function In Your Birth Chart

It is important to understand that most sky-watching by astronomers and  celestial enthusiasts is not a psychological journey.  They seem to be only motivated by materialistic science and fascination with celestial phenomena.

Further, they consider the idea that the that the planets in astrology contain secret energies that affect human beings to be nonsense, so they don’t really go there. This is a serious error.

But this is a long on-going argument that will get us nowhere. So, I ask you to take a journey with me to discover your planetary clusters for yourself. Then you can learn how they are affecting your life

It appears that the  ancient astronomers were far more interested in these personal effects that the heavens had upon humans than most present day astronomers. These personal discoveries led them to look to the heavens for answers to their human problems. It is these secrets that you could be learning and using in this heavenar.

Like the ancient mystics, I am very inspired to find these answers for you should you decide to to participate in a heavenar with me. There are many solutions to your life that are revealed in these heavenars. You can discover which solutions are best for you, and those you want to explore and understand.

If you want to learn about these solutions, you will have a ton of help made available to you. The fact that you are reading this article  indicates to me that you are open to discovering these benefits.

A Statement of Appreciation

“Randall, I want to tell you again how much I appreciate your time with me. Over the years I have been drawn to many different teachers, healers, intuitive, and guides (you name it!), but I want to express how accurate your astrological readings are by comparison. It’s amazing really: your ability to know and understand where I am at and where I am going is fantastic. And your assessment of my personality was right on as well, down to the complex corners of who I am. I am impressed, to say the least, with the depth of your wisdom and the uniqueness of your process—you really are a Skysage! Thank you again for our time together.”

Lori Hamann
Evolve Life Coaching

While you search for gold on earth, don’t forget that there are also diamonds in the sky. They are found inside the planetary clusters in your chart that are being energized by the clusters stimulators. You can now find out what these clusters are and how they function in your life.

Look at the heavens right now. Day or  night,  you can see half of the circle which is like a bowl above your head. The rest of the sky is below the horizon under your feet.

Sample 1.

Below is a graphic image of the heavens expressed as a zodiac wheel.

 Sample 2.


Right now, while you are living and breathing on the earth you are turning within this magic wheel. The inner yellow wheel is the earth that turns eastward. This is where you live, breathe, and live your life as you turn around inside the zodiac. This zodiac is always creating dramas called “life.” It reveals beginnings and endings, the ongoing saga of your personal dramas as an incarnated human being.

Just look at this magic circle and you can see how it could be charged with countless energies that affect all your actions and all your decisions every day of your life. Just look at all the energies of those zodiac signs. Your life will start to change the moment you discover what these are and begin to explore the solutions that are actually hidden in this wheel.

Let’s Do Some Exploring

Shown below is an actual zodiac of the famous American author, Ernest Hemingway. Every human being has a different chart that is packed with planetary clusters that are living within the zodiac signs. These desires and attitdes can be fully interpreted by a skilled astrologer.


We will return to Hemingway’s chart shortly. But first, let’s look at some simple ideas to see how the astrologer works. This will  help you understand your personal zodiac and see how valuable this information can be for you.

This may be hard to believe.

But I know that some of you fully understand what I mean.   This article is for those of you who would like a deeper understanding.

Ancient mystics divided the space inside this magic circle into 12 specific energy fields as shown above in Hemingway’s chart. They called each one of these 30° of space a “sign.” So if you think about it, 12 signs times 30° equals 360° which is the wheel of the zodiac. Then they gave names to these signs. You already know about them.  You have heard that Aries is the Ram, Taurus is the Bull, etc. Note to Astrology Buffs: You will note thtat Hemingway’s chart has no numbers on the cusps. I have discovered that this whole sign chart is far more accurate than the traditional western charts. It is used exclusively in my work with Planetary Psychology and with my students at the Skysage Astrology Institute.

As I mentioned, the small circle inside the bigger wheel is the earth, which is constantly turning eastward (counter-clockwise direction on the chart) as it picks up the energies of the tropical zodiac. This space around the earth is full of psychic energies.

But what does all of this mean?

If you have enough curiosity, you will soon begin to understand that these energies are expressed within people as psychological impulses. These impulses are inherited at birth. That is why I gave birth to Planetary Psychology™ which is the new psychology of the west.  I started teaching it in 1973. The Skysage Astrology Institute was established to  show you how to use these new, pioneering discoveries that emerge from the exploration of your own personal planetary clusters. Those students who are enrolled in the Institute are focused on understanding and interpreting how thee planetary clusters act as psychological stimulators.

As I mentioned earlier, these teachings focus on the psychological energy fields which are revea;ed om the  “planetary clusters.” No doubt, Carl Jung, who was totally dedicated to reading the specific zodiac clusters of his patients in later life, would have liked this label.  These clusters fully describe the archetypes in much more accurate and meaningful terms.

(See “Planetary Clusters . How they Dictate Your Fate…and What YOU Can Do About Them.” It is available at Amazon. To take a look, click on the image below




Back to you.

Here’s A Heavenly Secret


The zodiac signs reveal your specific human attitudes.

The ancients discovered  that when a planet moved through a sign, it expressed the desires of that planet in humans in a very specific way. They began to see that a planet expressed specific kinds of desires in people by activating the specific attitudes inherent in the signs.

Here’s An Example


A Brief Look At Martial Artist, Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee5

What Were Bruce Lee’s Specific Desires and Atttudes?

If you assume that “planets are specific desires” and “zodiac signs are specific attitudes”, you can quickly see why Bruce Lee expressed his life in the way that he did. Look at the number 12 near the inner circle of  the above chart. That piece of pie of this wheel is called the 12th house. This is where Venus, Mars, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio are found in the sign of Scorpio. We can read this as a person who loved (Venus performing)  a secret attack (Mars in Scorpio). The emotions of the Moon and the secret thoughts of Mercury in Scorpio, are joined with Venus and Mars in Scorpio which reveals a cunning aggressor. The red line that leads up to the planet Pluto in the 9th house adds a devastating force to these Scorpio planets. Therefore, because of Pluto’s overpowering effect, these energies tend to be expressed quite violently.

Bruce Lee could have been a violent and cunning criminal.

However, the blue line from Pluto to the energetic Sun in the fiery sign of Sagittarius enabled him to direct this power toward others in open martial arts combats. He had an inner compulsion to fight against anyone who challenged him or resisted him, as he was born with a need to fight against any resistance to his will, as shown by the second red line from the 6th house to the 9th. The blue line between Pluto and the Sun (9th and 1st houses) enabled him to become a master warrior without turning to criminality. This is because the energies of Pluto and the Sun are in fire signs that are in total harmony with each other.

Although I have never seen planetary clusters expressed in this particular way in any astrological writings, this is what I have discovered. This kind of reading reveals amazing insights into human nature. A well-trained astrologer with many years of experience can see these things almost instantly. After over 50 years, I have discovered that these interpretations are abundantly rich in meanigful detail. This is why I know I can help you make total sense of your own life.

The ancients knew that the moment a person was born they inherited a unique sky-drama that could be seen in their actions.

These ancient skysages used this information to predict the outcome of human events. However, their predictions tended to be more fatalistic than merely psychological.

If you have never explored these hidden forces in your tropical zodiac, it may seem impossible to believe. But if you have enough curiosity to look at these pearls in the heavens, you will be richly rewarded with a full understanding of your life, as well as that of other people.

Once you discover this, you will see that modern astronomers have been misled by their own refusal to practice the real science of “observation without condemnation” and who reject psi phenomena merely on the basis that it is taboo.

Obviously, understanding the mysteries of the zodiac could take many years! But, fortunately, you do not have to spend all that time to reap the benefits of my labor.

This is good news! You don’t need to struggle  to understand the mysteries hidden in your personal zodiac. I  will do this work for you. Tis is because I know this sky very well. I have read the zodiac charts for thousands of people. Those who have  received these insights  have expressed their endless gratitude.

Why not let me do the same for you?

Example 1 – A Partial Section of Hemingway’s Chart

Let’s return to Ernest Hemingway’s chart. I am going to show you only a section of the chart to make it easier to understand how valuable it is just to look at a small portion of another person’s chart.


I urge you to be patient and courageous! This is not as complicated as it looks.

The strange symbols and the weird structure may surprise you. But take heart. I will carefully walk you through this. I really want you to understand this. It is so very important.

The Astonishing Effects of Planetary Clusters

In this one section of Hemingway’s chart shown above you will gain insights into one of the most important clusters of his life. It is not clear whether he understood this about himself or not. However, it is apparent that he struggled long and hard with a “compulsion for perfection.”

Look at the zodiac as a wheel cut into 12 pie pieces. Each piece is given a number. Look at that piece of the pie where the number 1 is found. You will see the symbol for Mars there which is in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is the little symbol after the number 20.

An astrologer will quickly see that Mars is at 20 degrees and 34 minutes of the sign of Virgo of the tropical zodiac when Hemingway was born. This means that Hemingway inherited a strong passion for perfection, because Virgo is expressed in people as having the desire for perfection — for getting it right. The planet, Mars, adds vigor and passion.This strong tendency was certainly present in Hemingway’s writing. He labored intensely over “getting it right.”

You probably know someone like this.

While you may not know astrology, you can certainly observe this trait expressed in their actions quite easily. But think about this:

As a  professional astrologer you could know this about a person without ever meeting them!

Let’s go deeper into this Hemingway cluster and we will get some more important insights. Notice the big red line which goes from Mars in the first house to the two planets in the 10th house of the zodiac. You will see two symbols there. These are the planets Neptune and Pluto. Neptune in our chart is usually expressed as “an urge to ecstasy.” Pluto imparts the “urge to transformation.” These two planets are expressed very impatiently in the sign of Gemini, which rules all communications, writings, documents, letters, email, phone, etc. If we put this together as a statement, we get:

“I want to experience ecstasy (Neptune) by creating the ultimate form (Pluto) of communication (Gemini) right now.” A very noble and high aspiration to have as a writer. This was obviously one of Hemingway’s deepest desires.


the red line from Mars to these two planets shows that his aspirations are totally frustrated. Neptune and Pluto are in a sign that is not harmony with Virgo — Virgo and Gemini impulses are signs that are in conflict, especially when it comes to communications. The Gemini energies of Neptune and Pluto are restless and want this creative expression to happen now. But Mars in Virgo has the intense passion and desire to “get it right.”

These energies created the intense frustration that Hemingway endured in seeking the “perfect form of expression.” But he had to deal with the impatient and conflicting  desires of Pluto and Neptune in his nature that wanted the perfect novel to happen now! As a result, Mars in Virgo was very unhappy with the impatient and unreasonable demands of Pluto.

Here’s Another Example

Below is an interesting segment of Mozart’s chart. The musical ingenuity shown here is obvious to a skilled astrologer. But I will break this down for you so that you can realize how marvelous the revelations of Skysage Astrology really is. Again, I want to keep this simple, so I will present only a partial analysis to show you how I came to these specific conclusions.


Chart 8-Mozart copy copy

Look at the number 6 pie-piece of the above chart (the 6th house). This sixth house of  his chart is known as the “house of work.” You will notice four symbols that show the Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus clustered together in this area. The squiggly lines there are symbols for the sign of Aquarius.  So, we can say that Mozart had the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius in his “house of work.” Remember that we discussed how the zodiac signs are expressed as specific attitudes in people. What are the specific attitudes of Aquarius? Aquarius is a sign of great intelligence. You will find this to be true when you look at the charts of famous, creative people. With four planets here, the sign of Aquarius was expressed in a dominant way. Mozart’s musical brilliance is unquestioned. He was so far beyond other musicians in his time, though there were certainly other great masters to follow. (It is interesting to note that Franz Schubert had his Sun in Aquarius and Chopin had a planet or two in Aquarius.)

The Aquarius sign of air is in harmony with Pluto and the Moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius. They are located in the number 4 piece of the pie chart. Since Pluto is expressed as the “urge to transformation” within people and the Moon represents “emotional sensitivity”, these fiery, creative impulses influence Mozart’s Mercury (his mind) as well as the impulses of a radical Venus in the sign of Aquarius. Here we have strong creative urges that are totally revealed through the specific energies of the planetary clusters.

This is far as I am going to go with this.

I know I have probably stretched your brain a bit, but I hope you feel you have gained a real understanding of the possibilities of exploring your own planetary clusters in the tropical zodiac. Remember, you may have several clusters that reflect totally different states of mind. Can you just imagine what wonders you may uncover about yourself?

It is encouraging to know that most people have a mixture of these planetary energies and signs that support or frustrate each other. In the hands of a skilled astrologer trained in Planetary Psychology, these clusters reveal a depth of understanding that cannot be found in any other way. This is why it is important for all of us to learn how our own planetary clusters are relating to each other so that we know how to work with them throughout our life.

Wouldn’t You Like To Make These Discoveries For Yourself?

I would like to invite you to take an important four-week journey with me where we will explore and discover together the mysteries of the various parts of your life that are revealed in your personal zodiac.

Session One – Week One

What Are The Planetary Clusters That Reveal Your

True Career?


What is your career? A full description of your career is not found in any book. Careers are much more complex than that. In simple terms, your career is what you want to do in the world,  where you want to make your mark and find success. But it is not enough to say that your career is this or that.  You may have a  general career description of what you want to do, but your sky chart reveals much more specific information. Various parts of your chart show the planetary clusters that are full of insights on how to fulfill your career goals. I will personally help you put all this together in one on one Skype sessions. You will understand how to apply your true talents to get what you want. We will do that through the Skype online service and record every session that you can review later. If you do not have Skype, we can still do your session by phone.

Session Two – Week Two

What Are The Planetary Clusters That Reveal Your

Relationship Profile?


We will look into what your planetary clusters say about your relationship, desires, and attitudes. But I will help you see how your personal energies function in a relationship with your present mate or partner. We will explore what your planetary clusters say about your relationship, desires, and attitudes. I can also  help you see how your personal energies function in a relationship with any potential partner. We will explore what kind of person is best for you. After that session, you will learn how to use my little book, “How Do I Find True Love? “ which you will receive with this heavenar.  This is a hands-on book for finding the kind of person who is best for you. With this easy book, you can avoid making serious relationship mistakes. You will have the right tools to make all the right relationship decisions. You will find new possibilities for meeting more interesting people who will be in harmony with you. Those who have really applied  the  techniques in this simple little book, have been impressed with how easy and effective it is to understand relationships. Here are some reviews of this book from Amazon.

“By understanding the energies of the planets and signs, one can learn more about the person to whom they are attracted, as well as themselves. You will learn if another person will sympathize or not with your Life Path. I am sure that by looking at past, failed relationships, Randall’s method will clearly exhibit why they did not work. But before you can find a mate, one must understand and love themselves first. This book will help you understand your Life Purpose by examining the North Node. And then your Heart’s Purpose will then shed another layer to your core purpose in life.”  — Jen

“I really enjoyed this book! Many astrology books are helpful, yet the context is often clinical and the techniques sometimes difficult to comprehend for the average person. This book is engaging, simple to understand and effective. I recommend this book to people wanting to know what their hearts really want or to people studying astrology. It makes sense! ” — Jokamo

“Randall Curtis integrates 50 years of experience as an astrologer into an impeccable relational astrology guide, in his book “Find My True Love.” Randall flows through the complex nature of planetary influences in a logical and reader friendly method by integrating the interpretations of the personal planets (i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) with the impersonal planets (i.e. Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune). Astrology is a very deep and complex process however Randall proceeds through the planetary aspects so meticulously that any reader could benefit from his instruction. His method of instruction allows for any level of reader, beginner to long term practitioner to develop a deep understanding of relational astrology and how to apply it to individual circumstances.” — Sara

Session Three – Week Three

How Your Planetary Clusters Reveal Your Life Purpose and Heart’s Desire

Here we will explore the esoteric Chaldean number system which reveals your life purpose and your heart’s desire. Once you discover what these are, I will explain how your talents should be used to discover your life purpose and understand how to follow your heart’s desire.  Then you will be shown how these two impulses can be seen in your personal zodiac. You will soon understand how you need to express the talents to fulfill these two primary impulses that are shown in your planetary clusters. This understanding can bring much clarity and enable you to see where you need to go, why you are going, and what you are seeking  to accomplish.

Session Four –
Week Four

What’s Happening To You Now?


As you know, life is full of sunny and cloudy days. We will explore the kind of planetary energies that you are presently receiving from the zodiac zone and determine what they mean to you. You may be urged to move full speed ahead, because the energies are functioning in harmony to ensure your success, or holding you back because you are seeing pictures of delay and that it would not be a good time to move full steam ahead . We will seek to focus on where you are in your present life cycle and how you can best take advantage of it. You will learn how to follow these 9 cycles of life that are clearly expressed in numerology. And you will be enriched by knowing that you have the right tools to know where your life is heading and how you can work with the planetary forces that are available to you. You will have many beneficial tools and a profound understanding of your life by the time you complete this heavenar


Sign Up Now and Become a Pioneer In Planetary Psychology

Now is the time to take this unusual journey through your personal zodiac. I cannot imagine a more illuminating experience for you. I strongly urge you to find a way to do this now . The benefits you receive will give you the many tools and techniques you will need to understand the fulness of who you are, where you are going, and the best direction to take to get there.

The tuition is only $149 for 4 weeks of live, personal, and individual training using Skype. (It is still possible even if you don’t have Skype.)  Please click the PayPal icon below and process your payment.  (If you do not have PayPal, please contact me for other arrangements.) After receiving your payment, I will contact you and we can set up our special times together which we can do through Skype or telephone to help you find the answers you are looking for. I really look forward to a very full and adventurous journey with you. I am convinced that you will be greatly pleased with the results.

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