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A Message For Student’s Exploring  Easy Skysage Astrology Courses

If you want to learn easy astrology without seeking a credential in Skysage Counseling, or just dabbling in astrology courses for fun, you can take various mini courses in astrology. You can participate in non-professional courses at the Skysage Astrology Institute through video webinars and teleseminars and learn about  Skysage Astrology in this way.

For example, using ebooks and mini courses to understand relationships, how to read planetary clusters, exploration of your career, how to track your life journey, and become familiar with your nine-year cycle, etc. As a friend of the Institute you can  participate on a non-committal basis. At some time you may want to order a specific reading or decide to participate in or take advantage of our Skysage Counseling Intensive in order to get a deeper understanding of your destiny.

However, a central focus of the Skysage Astrology Institute is to make astrology as easy as possible for you. We certainly like having you here. The fact that you found us reveals that you are a mystical pioneer. In fact, you are the one we came here to serve.

A Message For The Serious Student of Skysage Astrology

On the other hand,

Section I

The Foundation Levels


if you are a serious student of astrology, therapist, or ardent seeker, you can engage in training to receive the Planetary Psychology Counseling Certificate which is a four year-four level-training segment designated as The Foundation Training. The Foundation Training consists of the Brown Level, Red Level, Green Level, and Blue Level. You will be certified as  a Planetary Psychology Counselor upon  your successful completion of the Foundation Course. This certification qualifies you to take the more advanced courses as described below after Section I.

Planetary Psychology Counseling training is available tor anyone who wants to learn how to apply the principles of Planetary Psychology in their own area of expertise. Planetary Psychology is especially beneficial for practicing therapists who desire to expand their understanding of Jungian archetypes that are presented in a entirely new framework, know as “Planetary Clusters.” Practicing astrologers and coaches of various techniques will benefit greatly from the successful completion of the more advanced levels of Planetary Psychology.

Even though Planetary Psychology is a service mark (shown below)  it has been in a continuous process of development since it was conceived by its founder, Randall Curtis,  on April 3, 1974.

Detailed Descriptions of The Foundation Training

At The

The Skysage Astrology Institute

The Foundation Training is available to anyone who wants to pursue a career in Planetary Psychology or become highly skilled in synthesizing planetary cluster charts. This course can be used to obtain basic training in skysage astrology where you can begin to practice professionally.

This Skysage Astrology course teaches the basic principles of Skysage Astrology (a new form of western astrology that is based on the principles of Planetary Psychology) and its many subtle ways of discovering how a particular person is put together inside. When you complete these 48 lessons satisfactorily (four levels), you will receive your Planetary Psychology Certificate. This Certificate serves as a recognition of achievement and as a prerequisite for the advanced courses which are designed to qualify you as a skilled interpreter of the advanced methods of Planetary Psychology.

These advanced courses in Planetary Psychology are only for those students who wish to become Master Interpreters of Planetary Psychology. This course of training is recommended especially for therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches and practicing astrologers. Jung would have truly recommended this training for practicing various forms of counseling and coaching. It is highly effective with any form of psychological  practice. (You will find a complete description of this advanced Curriculum here.)

If you are sincere and diligent in your studies, your progress can be rapid and certain. So, join us here at the Skysage Institute as soon as you can. Whether you are in England, India, Russia, Japan, Greece, or New Zealand, you can learn Planetary Psychology. All students around the world are equal because they have equal opportunity to achieve mastery in Planetary Psychology.

You will be delighted with the new discoveries that you make and the new income stream that could help keep your security intact for many years to come. You can give lectures on radio, TV, and go anywhere in the world with your laptop or work from your phone and your computer. You will discover great self-respect from applying the skills you will learn from this training. Because it is very accurate and highly effective for understanding anyone on the deepest level, you will be recognized for your amazing skill in describing and discovering the precise archetypes (planetary clusters) of the countless human problems that so many people need to resolve.

Statements of Appreciation

Almost every week a client will tell me how much they appreciate the wonders of Planetary Psychology. Here are a few:

“During an incredibly challenging period of my life, it was your astrology program that kept me afloat. Step-by-step, I was able to follow your no-nonsense approach and apply it to my life (and the lives of my friends). You’ve given me a secret map of a very special place that I will always hold dear. Thank you for guiding my efforts with such patience, wisdom and care.”

A very grateful student,
Ellen Mann
Oakland, CA

“Randall Curtis is a gifted and insightful Astrologer….he has patiently guided me through my choices in relationships and he has always been right on! This information has led me to enroll in Skysage Astrology training.

I have gained incredible knowledge to avoid those undesirable relationships! Now I find myself sharing what I have learned with family and friends!”
Thank you Randall,
Susan Cox
Fairmont, CA

Just think! You can have a professional skysage astrologer as close as your computer to help you with any lesson and answer any questions you might have. As of this writing, we are initiating a Skype one on one visual phone sessions in which all students can schedule to participate. If you are interested in pursuing this wonderful art, please join me by taking this accelerated path of learning.

This is a perfect way to learn because you can take the lessons at your own pace and have live access to a skilled instructor every two weeks through your Skype phone service.

You will be absorbing new techniques for understanding anyone. Special friends around the world will be learning all these great techniques that I have developed for you. These are methods that most astrologers and therapists never use. They may not be aware that they exist.

You can be glad that you will not be using outmoded and inaccurate astrological methods here – only those techniques that give you the best answers in the shortest span of time will be given to you.

This is why it is not wise to read a lot of books on western astrology. There are so many astrological writers who simply copy one another. There are others who use endless theories and techniques expounded by the newest researchers on the block. And if you try to absorb all this “stuff”, you will become totally confused and even delay your progress toward certification.

The point is that there is too much information. If you don’t know how to sift through it, you will most likely wander off a path that could truly work against you. Please understand that I am not saying this is the only method in the world. I am simply saying stay with one method at a time until you complete that course of study. Otherwise, you may not have enough knowledge to know what works and what is detrimental to you. This is where the Skysage Institute can help you stay on track. Plus, you will have a living connection with other practicing skysage astrologers who have also passed this way. They understand and can really help you.

It takes so many years of trial and error for an astrologer to find those true astrological gems that work very well. Now, we would like to share these gems with you. Is it your time to become a master of the zodiac and the human psyche? Now may be your time  to get the very best astrological and psychological  training possible and accelerate your income.

At last you can use the same wonderful knowledge that has worked so well for me for nearly 50 years. Join me now in this great adventure and discover how to use the planets to understand yourself and all the people you will help in the future.

While I cannot list all the material that you will cover in your journey, we have given you a course description for the first 12 lessons of the Foundation Training. There are four levels and 12 lessons to each level. The first level is called “The Brown Level.” The other levels are Red, Green, and Blue. These form the 48 lesson package. It usually takes about two years to complete the Foundation Training.

The first 12 Lessons is called “The Brown Level.”  It is described below to give you an idea of the direction you will be taking. This accelerated training is designed to help you lay a foundation for becoming  a professional interpreter of planetary psychology.

Here is a description of what you will be studying in the Brown Level. Please realize that all astrology lessons are subject to change in content and direction because we are constantly discovering new insights to share with you.

The Brown Level

Lessons 1 through 12

1. Zodiac Signs as specific human attitudes. Take a fresh look at the “signs” and you will begin to see their expression all around you everyday in the attitudes of people. Once you learn what to look for, you won’t believe what you have been missing, and discover what most folks will probably never know.

2. Exploring psychic space. Most people don’t realize that the space around them is full of meaning. When you know how to read this psychic space, which is the outer space reflected within, your life will take on a whole new adventure and you will never again live in an unknowing state nor will your life be the same.

3. Planets as desires. The planets are not just physical objects moving in outer space; even though science would have us believe that they are only material objects to be observed and understood from a mechanical and analytical viewpoint. Science has not accepted the empirical evidence that the planets are also orbiting through our psychic space and reveal our impulses and desires and why we act the way we do. But you will learn all about how this works in this lesson. Your personal experiences with these ideas will show you how planets actually reveal human desires. This can be mind-boggling to an unawakened mind.

4. How the planets stimulate specific attitudes. When a planet is found in a “sign” it stimulates specific human attitudes. You will learn all about how these attitudes are expressed in a particular person and in what way they are unique. Most of us have positive and negative attitudes. You will be able to decipher this symbolic code from the chart of any person you wish to explore and learn how the planets stimulate their particular attitudes.

5. Understanding the five personal planets: The personal planets travel closely to the Sun and therefore serve the ego. These planets are influenced very strongly by the impersonal planets and react to their influence. In a sense, the impersonal planets have dominance over the personal planets due to their powerful energies and over-riding impact on consciousness.

6. Understanding the five impersonal planets: Most astrological books do not separate the smaller planets from the bigger planets in a way that is clear, but there is a tremendous psychological difference between them and their effect upon human consciousness. You will thoroughly understand these differences.

7. How the impersonal planets relate to the personal planets: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter are “ambassadors of the galaxy” as the great philosophical astrologer, Dane Rudhyar,  pointed out and are here to awaken us to a higher understanding of our incarnation. The personal comfort zones created by the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, the personal planets, are often disrupted by the bigger planets to kick us out of our limited conditioning.

8. Detecting harmony and discord between planets: Learn which planetary clusters are in harmony and which are in discord. When you fully understand these relationships you are beginning to penetrate to the deeper psychological realm of the planets and you will be able to see the conflicts and harmonies within a person and between people in a matter of minutes. This, in itself, is an astounding capacity to realize.

9. How to create and compare planetary cluster charts: Most astrological charts are too complex for the average person to understand. This complexity can be greatly reduced when we learn how to work with and understand planetary clusters, and not look at planets in mere isolation. This approach also makes relationships much easier to understand in much less time.

10. Creating planetary profiles: Learn the procedure for setting up a profile on yourself or anyone else in a easy step by step method that does not require a lot of analysis. You will be able to follow the meaning of planetary clusters and they relate to each other in the chart.

11. Understanding fatal attractions: Learn about the kind of planetary energies between people that create negative, obsessive, possessive, and potentially violent encounters. Your text provides a simple map for understanding these various forms of obsession.

12. Exercising your interpretive skills with real people: You will be given the chart of a specific individual for a simple analysis of their character traits based on what you have learned thus far. You will also be required to do a chart of someone you know and record their feedback to illustrate your understanding. This will give you great confidence. Because by the time you reach this point, you will know exactly how to do this, and I am certain you will be very pleased with the results.

Special Note:  You will have a skilled mentor to guide you through your lessons. You are free to make two phone calls a month to your mentor to clarify any lessons or problems. Please be sure to enroll in the Skype telephone system on the internet. It is mostly free. This is especially beneficial if you live outside of the United States. After you have enrolled, use the contact link at the top of the page to contact us and to exchange Skype phone numbers.

How to Order: Please go to how to enroll to sign up for this Foundation Course Training.


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