How To Find Solutions To Urgent Problems

Using Mystical Techniques

(Note: If you do not believe in the spectacular, please skip this article.)

The heavens can reveal many answers that you may have never thought possible. I have helped hundreds of people solve personal problems by looking into their personal map of the sky at the time they were born. It is here where the solutions for living on earth are really found—and I can prove it!

Now I know it may sound strange to do this. I also realize that it is not something the average reader would not think about or even explore. But I feel you are probably open to it because usually the people who visit my site are mostly mystical pioneers. They tend to believe that there is something beyond this material realm that can guide them to a better life. Check this out

I have been looking at thousands of sky charts for over 50 years. These charts are astounding with the answers they provide. They really speak to me. But this is only because I have learned to listen to what they tell me. I’ve had lots of practice — fifty years of reading this mystical sky. These answers and solutions are amazingly accurate. The motion of the planets moving through zodiac signs that live within people can reveal an event that will actually occur in future time. I know that may be hard to believe, but true it is. I have proof.

Here Are Some Examples

Many years ago, I had a client who was fed up with the way his friends were treating him. After I set up his horoscope, he asked me how he could solve this problem.

First, I explained to him that his sky chart revealed that he had “a wounded Moon.” This meant that he tended to give too much to his friends in order to hold them close to him, but rarely received any support from them.

“What’s a “wounded Moon,” he asked.

“It indicates that you had a sad childhood where you were not supported or nurtured by your mother or father. I should explain that such nurturing is determined by the Moon in the birth chart. If the Moon is afflicted by another planet, there is little or no nurturing in childhood. It is cut off. I have seen this hundreds of times. Read nurturing is cut off. Most people with a wounded Moon compensate by becoming a mother to other people so that they will feel connected emotionally to others. This is a very deep-seated need. This is why you have tended to give too much to others. To be honest, you have a profound need to be needed.”

“So, how don I fix my Moon so I don’t feel so needy.”

“This is not going to be easy for you, but here is what I suggest. You’ve got to start saying “No” to people when you feel that they are using you. You’ve got to accept the fact that it is going to hurt when you do this. You will probably feel the pain of separating from them or risk that you have to say goodbye. You simply must do it no matter how hard it is. If you do so, you will confront your pain and eventually be able to release it. If you do this enough, the hurt will begin to heal and you will become stronger inside and gain more nurturing from within yourself. ”

A few months later, he called me back and told me that he was really finding out who his friends were. He said he was really surprised how much he let people take advantage of him. He said he was becoming strong enough to stop doing this and thanked me for helping him find a way to heal his wounded Moon.

Here Is Something You May Not Believe:

There Is Magic In The Sky!

If we calculate the motion and patterns of the planets at the time we ask a particular question, an expert interpreterr can find the answer. I know this may sound absolutely ridiculous to some of you but how do you explain the following events?

Example No. 1

“In 1987, a married couple from California asked me if they should buy a particular piece of property. It sounded very idyllic with beautiful trees, flowers, and a running stream. I looked forward to giving them a strong ‘yes’ answer. but after a thorough analysis of the planetary patterns forming at the time they asked the question, I could not tell them to buy the property. The planets not only told me ‘no’, but also told me ‘why.’

The planetary chemistry showed that the seller was devious and appeared to be hiding something from them. I also told them that the property was unstable. I said that there was something was wrong with it. They were very upset with my answer because they really wanted to buy the property.

I went back over the planetary positions for a promising sign because I felt badly for them. but the answer was still the same. I told them to consult a psychic or a geologist for another viewpoint because I could not change my mind.

Several months later they called to tell me I was right after all. They had consulted a geologist who told them that there had been a landslide on the property and that it was very young and unstable. They were grateful that I had pointed them to the right decision. They did not buy the property.

In 1990, one year after they had moved to Arizona, they called and told me that the property I urged them not to buy was destroyed in 1989 by the California Loma Prieta earthquake. “We are really glad we listened to you,” Randall. “We would have lost everything. Thasts place was one-quarter of a mile from the epicenter!”

The Methods Used

The astrological methods used to find the above solution was based on the ancient system of Horary Astrology. I sometimes like to use a mixture of this technique along with reading the birth charts of the individuals involved, because some questions are best answered with more specific details, e.g., problem in a relationship and require date, time, and place of birth for each person involved. Sometimes the question can simply be answered with “Yes” or “No”. In this case, Horary Astrology is usually used.

The information provided below will serve as a guideline for requesting an answer to your question.

Guidelines For Asking Questions of The Heavens

Relationships“Does he/she love me?”Email me both your birthdates. Include date, time and place of birth. If time not known, submit the rest of the information anyway. Also send me the date, time and place when you thought of this question.
“Will this relationship work?”Same as above.
“What’s wrong with this relationship?”Same as above.
“Should I end this relationship?”Same as above.
“How can I get along with my mother, father, brother, sister, boss, or friend?” (Choose one.)Same as above.
Career“What kind of work is best for me?”Email me your birth date. Include date, time and place of birth. If time not known, submit the rest of the information anyway.Also send me the date, time and place when you thought of this question (e.g., Norfolk, Va., 7 pm, April 4, 2011.)
“What is my greatest talent?”Same as above.
Various Questions“Should I buy this house?”Please give time, date, and place when you first thought of the question.
“Will I have to move.”Same as above.
“When will I find a job?”Same as above.
“Should I trust my friend.”Same as above.

To ask a question, click on the Contact link at the top of the page and send it to me along with the requested information. Then choose the appropriate PayPal icon below to process your payment. After the research is done, I will contact you to set up a time to do our reading together.

For asking a question: $39

All relationship questions are carefully researched. A time will be set aside to cover the answer to your question once the information on the people involved has been received and the analysis has been completed.

I realize that for some of you this process may seem impossible but I assure you that the many accurate answers that I have received for over 50 years have been truly astounding. Why this works, no one knows. All questions have answers. The secret is in finding out what the real answer is!

Guidelines For Asking Mystical Questions

1. It is very important to understand that the information on the time, date, and place of your question must be correct for the answer to be correct.
2. If you are asking a Mystical Question, be sure to provide the date, time, and place you first thought to ask the question.
3. If you ask a valid question and it is answered by the astrologer, you can chose to reject the answer, but you must not ask the question again at this time. Sometimes charts are not readable for several reasons. If you do not get the answer you are looking for, don’t try to ask the question again or try to manipulate the outcome. This simply will not work. The point is, if you do not want to know the answer, please don’t ask it.
4. Always ask your Mystical Question so that it can be answered “yes” or “no.” For example, “Will I marry this man?” — but not “Will I marry this man or someone else?” Another incorrect way would be to ask, “Should I quit this job and move to Arizona?”

A Statement of Appreciation

“Thank you for your astrology and numerology reading. I was impressed by your thorough knowledge and compassionate style. I found it amazing that you were able to know exactly what the biggest “sore spots” of my former marriage were, without ever having met me or my ex. This has helped me process past memories, providing a way to heal with more clarity. You also gave me some good insight and advice regarding how I function and come across to others that I hope will help me in all my relationships with others, present and future. At least I am aware, now, of things I wasn’t aware before. You have also helped me as I ponder what my long-term career should be. Knowing that my “heart’s desire” is related to artistry and creativity helps me focus. I am clearer, now, that I should probably stay in music after all. Hopefully, keeping in touch with this core aspect of myself will help keep me encouraged as I work out the process of carving out a career.

Thank you very much. May blessings shower upon you.”

Los Angeles, CA