How to Find Your Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign is far more accurate than any Sun Sign Reading that you can get from any computer or astrologer. The reason for this is quite simple.

Sun Sign readings are not based on the time of day that you were born but are based on the sign the Sun was in when you were born. What this really means is that if 5,000 people were born on June 1,1977 in the United States, they would all have the same Sun Sign Forecast.

This kind of chart uses the Sun Sign of Gemini rising for all these people and, therefore, they would all have the same kind of forecast.

Commercial astrology sites promote these computer-generated forecasts as a way of generating income, but many of these sites can lead you down the wrong path and in the wrong direction if you believe a Sun Sign Forecast produces an accurate reading of your life. This simply cannot be because it does not take into account the TIME you were born. And time in astrology, is everything!

It is really sad, that this kind of practice continues to seduce the average person into believing that this is astrology!

And, I must add, that even the late and famous astronomer, Carl Sagan, fell into the trap of believing that Sun Sign Astrology was astrology, so he debunked it. He even referred to the astrology magazines on newstands as if these were the basis of modern astrology. He failed to show that he was a true scientist by not investigating the more accurate textbooks on the subject. He commited one of the worst sins of science: Condemnation without investigation.

Any highly skilled astrologer will tell you that you simply cannot get an accurate reading of your life by following Sun Sign Forecasts. You must read the chart based on the time you were born. Professional astrologers read charts that have accurate rising signs.

Your Rising Sign is based on the date, time and place time of your birth. When the astrologer has this information, he or she can give you your correct rising sign, which places the houses of the chart in their correct order and produces more accurate information for you.

This can start to get very complicated if you want to do the work yourself. You have to do a lot of research into how to combine the signs, houses, and planets to get the right interpretation of your life. If you don’t want to do all this work yourself, I can save you the pain. Check out the Psychic Square Process which I have developed over the 50 years of reading birth charts. You will quickly discover how profound and useful this personal information about you truly is.

However, if you would rather start this long journey for yourself and do your own work, here is how to find your Rising Sign.

You must know your time of birth. If you don’t have the right time of birth, your rising sign forecast cannot be produced. In this case, you would need to consult a professional astrologer to get an accurate reading. If you do have your correct birth time then you can go to the next step.

Go to Alabe and put in your date, time and place of birth and you can print out your birth chart. Alabe is kind to provide you this accurate chart for free. There are other sites who do the same, but Alabe has been doing this for a long time.

After you have printed out your chart, look at it as if you were looking at the face of your watch. Your Rising Sign is located at 9 o’clock on this wheel. You will see a symbol for an astrological sign there. That sign is your Rising Sign. Now I realize you may not know how to interpret that symbol. Is it Aries, Gemini, Capricorn?

You can locate these symbols and what signs they represent by going to zodiacsecrets on this site. Scroll down to the tables that provide this information for you.

Good luck in this remarkable journey. Many great discoveries await you.

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