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Computers Can Do The Math But Only a Highly Skilled Mate Matching Astrologer Can Tell If You Have A Very Good Relationship, Have Found Your Soul Mate, or Need to Get Away As Fast As You Can.



Why using only your Sun Sign to find loving relationships can get you into serious trouble. Certainly, this is not a way to find your soul mate.

If I can just do this one thing for you — to get so many of you to stop relying on Sun Sign Readings — I would be very happy.


If you do rely upon these kind of readings, you are going to get involved in relationships that will really not work for you. And there are soooo many people out there who are not meant to be your mate, but thousands and thousands of people don’t seem to understand this.

Isn’t this sad? Lives wasted and lost in a pool of karma that may take years to swim out of!

“But, how can this be?”  you ask. “My Sun’s in Taurus and I really like this guy whose Sun is also in Taurus. What’s wrong with that? We seem perfectly matched for each other.”

Sounds great. But you really can’t rely upon an online matchmaker if his or her analysis is totally based on Sun Signs. if you want proof, just go to an astrology forum or message board online and you will find countless examples of these problems. Here is one chosen at random:

“I’m an Aries with a Gemini Moon..very drawn to Geminis..I dated this Gem for 7 months, then he said he just wanted to be friends, didn’t see a future, he is 36, never this common for Geminis? We get along soo well, talk every day and hang out every weekend..I just recently told him that I had to take a break from him because I care for him more than he cares for there anything I can do? “

This woman is only referring to her moon sign and his sun sign. This  is what she is attracted to. As you can see below,  there are 8 other heavenly bodies that are also in zodiac signs? Planets in these other signs may actually be causing the problem between them. Saturn is not even mentioned, but could actually reveal the real problem in the relationship. But 99% of these sun sign seekers are not making their choices based on enough good reasons for a compatible relationship.

This is truly tragic!

Let’s look at an image of the heavens for a moment. There’s the Sun at the top and all those other planets going around it.


Each one of these heavenly bodies is passing through one of the signs of the zodiac every second of your life. When you are born, the Sun is in a sign, your Moon is in a sign, your Mercury is in a sign, your Venus is in a sign, your Mars is in a sign, etc. So, you can see that this is a complex mixture of energies which show up in people as tendencies, desires, and attitudes.

To be successful at love zodiac compatibility, you have to know how all of these signs and planets in a person’s chart relate to the signs and planets in your own chart. And these energies must be explained and understood in a way that is clear to you.

So, now you can see why you cannot simply use the sun’s sign position to determine the quality of your relationship.

Can you see that this is romantic roulette? Even if you found a part of your relationship to be divinely sexy, another planetary cluster in your charts may reveal some serious emotional differences that you may not know about. This means that if you really want to use astrology for love, you must use a more effective form of analysis. But since this requires years of practice to understand, it is best to enlist a skilled match maker to help you.

I know. This sounds and looks too complicated. I certainly can understand why you would not want to be bothered with all that? That’s why I’m here to make it easy for you.

I’ve spent over 50 years at mate matching, searching for relationship solutions that are revealed in the zodiac zone. Believe me, by now, I have acquired a vast storehouse of knowledge that is instantly available to you. I know a lot of stuff that can help you weave your way through this jungle in the sky and give you a better chance to find your real love mate.

This is one of the reasons why Skysage Astrology is the new astrology of the west.

Sometimes, only after a few minutes, it become clearly obvious to me why your relationship will work or why it should not even be initiated.

I can completely explain why a relationship will work for you and why it will not. I will give you specific information that will make total sense to you. I could not be this confident if I did not have so many successful years of experience in this mate matching work. My many friends tell me I am one of the best at love astrology. But I am not inclined to toot my own horn, so I leave that conclusion up to you.

Please save yourself from being one of those people who make bad relationship decisions and end up paying dearly for their mistakes. You could  marry a mismatched person who brings you nothing but grief. What a difficult life to have to suffer. Sometimes, this is even sadder when one person believes that the other person is their soul mate when their charts show many conflicts.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The best way to meet a mate is to understand how they rate!

This is valid compatibility astrology!

Read on. I have some very useful suggestions for you.

Why not work with me and allow me to be

the best relationship mate matching person you have ever known?


Now I know you could be thinking,

“Sounds like a great offer, but I probably can’t afford you. I think I’ll  just take my chances  with some dating sites and look for someone I really like.”

Oh, no! Please don’t do that!

So many others have tried those computer printouts and have been sadly disappointed — even totally misled and trapped in an inescapable situation.

Others have relied too much on Sun Sign Reports and found those totally inadequate or simply downright misleading. Over time, they soon discover that they have wasted their rent money on computer printouts!

Here’s why I want to make one final plea to you:

This Is Very Important To Remember

  • What if your potential mate has his Pluto adverse to your Venus? If he does, you
    will feel eternally coerced by him to do whatever he wants. He will make impossible
    demands on you and make your life a “living hell.” I don’t know of any Sun Sign
    Reading that would provide you with this kind of inside information.
  • What if his Saturn is on your wounded Moon? This is a perfect setup for you to feel
    guilty the rest of your life. You will find yourself making endless sacrifices to make
    him happy. If you have a wounded Moon, you already feel guilty — especially  if
    you don’t give people what they want. If his Saturn is here, you will surely not find
    any nurturing from him and end up feeling used and abused. Trapped beyond belief.
  • What if your Pluto is on his Moon? You will feel that he is lazy and has no will. You
    just have to change him. You will always be on his case and he will resent you forever
    for that. He would have to be very weak to endure your compulsive desire to “straighten him out.”

           Trust me: A Sun Sign Reading Will Not Give You This Kind of Insider Information

These are just a few of the potential  troubles you can get into if you don’t understand the inner workings of your relationship. This is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly. These insights simply cannot be found by the shallow Sun Sign analysis. All I can say is,” Beware.”

Why not get this right once and for all?  Come here to drink fresh water for your soul. This is a nurturing place for you.

Here’s what I think will really work for you:

Join The Mate Matching Success Program

1. You are invited to become a member in the Mate Matching Success Program. Simply click on the first PayPal icon below at Option One  and process your payment for your yearly membership dues of $24.950. Readings are restricted to you and your relationship to any other person. At the end of each year, your mate matching membership renewal will be automatically billed for the following year.  Even though you can cancel your membership at any time,  there can be no refund for any remaining months after your cancellation. Of course, we will cancel your automatic renewal payment if you inform us ahead of time that you will be cancelling it before your renewal date.

2. After membership enrollment, you are qualified to receive live and unlimited relationship readings  for a very, very small fee of $14.95 apiece. This is especially important if you have just discovered a potential mate on one of those dating, matchmaking sites. Please realize that this is not a printout. You will be in contact with a living astrologer (me) who will do this lover relationship analysis for you. Since it is not easy to find the perfect match, you can still keep looking online and check out your compatibility. When you want to order a relationship reading, it is best to do the reading through the free online Skype phone network. If you don’t have this service, it is easy to sign up and does not cost anything. I believe this can be done almost any where in the world. Of course, the other option is to use a regular phone.

I do Skype readings for folks in Greece, Norway, Brazil, California, New York, Tennessee, etc. We can talk directly to each other via live video. This a terrific feature that makes the reading really alive for you. Once you have registered as a member and have been confirmed, you can get a live relationship reading for only $14.95.

Remember: You can get as many relationship readings as you want for only $14.95 apiece, as long as you are a member in good standing with the Mate Matching Success Program.

At last, you have a real chance to find your perfect mate,  your soul mate, or just a very good partner because the information you receive will be a thousand times more accurate than a computer generated printout, no matter how many “fabulous” computer generated pages you receive.

To order a relationship reading, just click on the second PayPal icon below. After you have processed your payment, go to the top of this page and click on “Contact.” Please be sure to provide your date, time and place of birth and the same for your partner. If you don’t have their time, just say “unknown.” I will then let you know that I have received your information and will begin to prepare your reading. I will contact you when I am ready. Also, be sure to send me your Skype name. My Skype name is skyman235. But, if you don’t have Skype, a regular phone call will do. Remember: When you want a new mate matching reading, simply return to this page and repeat the same ordering process.

Option One: Membership

Option Two: To order a relationship reading

Option Three

If you do not want to be a member of the Mate Matching Success Program and would still like to have a mate match reading, please process your PayPal payment at Option Three for $59.00 After your payment has been confirmed, go to the top of this page and click on “Contact.” Then provide complete birth information for you and your mate or potential partner. I will then get back to you after preparing your analysis, so that we can do your reading through Skype — if this is possible for you. If you prefer a regular phone call then we can also arrange that.

Option Three:

Statements of Appreciation

“I finally listened to your suggestion which was to allow myself to fall in love. Not only did I experience my capacity to love deeply but I experienced a depth of pain so much at my core that I seemed immobilized for a time. But, oh, what a teaching I have had and what a wondrous gift I was given — for I know myself now in a way that I was unconscious to prior to meeting the man I fell in love with.”
Pomona, CA

“I was very impressed with the astrological reading that Randall Curtis did for me. Not only was he able to answer the questions that I had with profound accuracy and insight, he also gave me guidance and direction in the area that I needed it most. Randall shed light on a pattern that has played “over and over” for me in the area of relationships. With sensitivity and compassion he helped me to “see”this pattern, and gave me advice that I feel, if taken, is going to change my life.

Randall is especially skilled at delivering the material in a way that the client can accept or “embrace”, as well as understand. While being sensitive, he is straightforward and direct. As we all know, sometimes “getting it” is half the battle. “SkySage” has a special gift for helping people do this. Not only does he have great skill as an astrologer, Randall possesses great warmth, wisdom, compassion, and insight from a lifetime of experience. I would definitely call on Randall for his services again, as well as recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks, SkySage.

Marie Camp, M.Ed.
Holistic Counselor

“Randall, I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate your time with me. Over the years I have been drawn to many different teachers, healers, intuitives, and guides (you name it!) — but I want to express how accurate your astrological readings are by comparison. It’s amazing really — your ability to know and understand where I am at and where I am going is fantastic. And your assessment of my personality was right on as well, down to the complex corners of who I am. I am impressed to say the least, with the depth of your wisdom and the uniqueness of your process — you really are a
skysage! Thank you again for our time together. We will talk more again soon.”

Evolve Life Coaching







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