What Is a Psychological Safari?

In simple terms, the Psychological Safari is a journey through the various psychological states of your mind and emotions that you wish to explore and understand more deeply. You will be shown how to track the planetary clusters that relate to these various states of mind and emotions. You learn to document what happens when they are stimulated by the passage of the Moon. This is a direct and powerful way to really get in touch with the various emotional and mental patterns of your nature which are simulated by the Moon’s energy and, therefore,  reveal you to yourself.

To participate in this Psychological Safari, you will need to have a complete reading of your Planetary Psychology Chart first that so you will know how to locate the various areas that you will be tracking when you participate in the Safari. By gaining a clear understanding of these clusters, you will be able to really take advantage of the many great discoveries that you make along the way. In fact, I am certain that you will be even more astounded by what you discover.

At present, all Safaris require four months of participation because it takes the Moon approximately 30 days to visit all the celestial positions in your Planetary Psychology Chart profile. Why the Moon? Because it shines light on that part of you that may not be clear to you. These four lunar cycles (four months) are very necessary so you can get a complete  understanding of how your various psychological attitudes function in your life. Usually it will take more than one lunar cycle for most people to start to grasp the full meaning of their emotional and mental states of consciousness.

Psychological Safaris are astounding because of what they reveal. Such a discovery is precious and far beyond any simple psychological explanation. In a sense, some planets are “wounded” or affected by other planets in a negative way. For example, Venus is a planet that relates strongly to self-love. In a sense, it is about self-worth or reveals how much we value ourselves. If Jupiter is in a benign relationship to Venus, it supports that person who tends to feel good about themselves. Of course, since Jupiter tends to have too much influence on Venus, his could result in the person having a big ego, or someone who exaggerates their own self-worth. However, if Saturn afflicts Venus, this is a very serious matter. This person tends to believe that they are not appreciated and are often found with people who mistreat them. Why is this?

Naturally, you would record your daily experiences by describing what happens when the Moon makes contact with a specific planet or planets. You will share these daily experiences with your Safari Guide after recording them for two weeks. Please note that on some days, the Moon may not be passing over a planet or planets, or anything significant in your chart. You will be shown how to determine this before you begin your Safari. Please set up two phone or Skype sessions for each month in advance with your Safari Guide. (Skype is very helpful for participants for those who live outside the United States.) This particular kind of psychological safari is called a Psychological Safari. Other kinds of safaris will be made available when you are ready to explore them.

Your progress will be monitored throughout the most remarkable 120 days you could possibly experience in your lifetime.

I look forward to helping you discover and understand fully how the heavens reveal all the various parts of who you are. Once you have gained this understanding, you certainly will know what to do with your life. And, if you wish to go even further, there will be other kinds of Psychological Safaris available that will help you fully understand how to really live your life in the very best way possible.


You will be asked to chose a Four Month Time Segment in which you wish to enroll. Each segment is one month with two safari reviews each month. The first monthly safari allows you to follow the Moon through your chart to help you discover how the Moon activates the various areas that you have covered in your chart reading with your Safari Guide during the lunar cycle.. The chart reading analysis is $125, plus two private phone sessions during the month. You can extend the exploration time of any Safari should you wish to go further.  We will do a complete summary of your experiences and results after your Safari so that you can be clear on the many discoveries that you have made.

Fee for your Four Month Safari

Chart reading $125, plus $150 a month for eight private sessions= $725.

Total Safari tuition: $775

Payment schedule can be fulfilled in one payment or in four installments by check, cash, or Pay Pal to Randall Curtis, 708 Gravenstein Hwy N, #411, Sebastopol, CA 95472.

If you have decided that you would like to participate in a Psychological Safari, please fill out this application on this page and process your initial chart reading enrollment tuition by check, cash, or through Pay Pal.


Randall Curtis
Founder, Institute of Planetary Psychology
Psychological Safaris
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