“Planetary Clusters . How They Dictate Your Fate…and What YOU Can Do About Them.”$24.95
The primary text for the Skysage Institute which opens up the sky of your mind into new possibilities. A “must have book” for all those who seek to understand the purpose of their incarnation. This groundbreaking book reveals how planetary clusters in your birth chart influence the unconscious reactions and attitudes that dictate your destiny.

“I have studied the planetary clusters in this book for several years now. They have helped me gain a deeper understanding of my clients and how to help them.”

—John Burns
Psychotherapist and CHT


Here’s an ebook that will really help you because it pinpoints what your career should be and what your heart really wants. This ebook actually describes your heart’s desire so that you can stay focused on what your heart wants. By having a true sense of what your career should be and what you want in your heart, you have a far greater chance of getting what you want. By having this special knowledge, you will draw the work you love into your life. This rarely discovered piece of information is yours for only $14.95.  You can have it downloaded into your email today. So, please do yourself a favor and find out what the heavens have laid out for you. Get “Your True Career Revealed Instantly” now!


Professional Life Reading

A Professional Reading of Your Life includes your Heart’s Desire and your Life Purpose Path. I will analyze your relationships and the kind of partner you should avoid. I will show how you relate to partners and what you may need to change to get the one that you really want. This will be clearly explained  to you in a way that will make total sense. We will review your financial situation and where you are headed with this. We will look at all your skills and talents and seek to determine the best options for you based on what you want to do with your life. The chart shows the best path for you, so you can decide if you are on that path or need to change course. Many other answers can be found and we will look at those you need the most for now. This session will truly clarify your life and help place you on the path where you belong. The best way to do a life reading is through Skype which is a free phone service. If you do not have Skype, its free and you can sign up anytime. The other way is to do the reading by phone and I can record it through my computer.  Let me know which you prefer. Please send your date, time and place of birth to me by clicking on the Contact link at the top of this site. Then go the PayPal icn below and click on it to process your payment of $125

“Your readings are deadly accurate! What a time-saver to see with your astrological x-ray machine. I have also used with clients with excellent results.”

– John Burns, Psychotherapist

“Randall, I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate our time with me. Over the years I have been drawn to many different teachers, healers, intuitives, and guides (you name it!), but I want to express how accurate your astrological readings are by comparison. It’s amazing really: your ability to know and understand where I am at and where I am going is fantastic. And your assessment of my personality was right on as well, down to the complex corners of who I am. I am impressed , to say the least, with the depth of your wisdom and the uniqueness of your process—you really are a Skysage! Thank you again for our time together.

– Lori Hamann

Evolve Life Coaching



Reading $125