Serious Sun Signs Mistakes


Serious Sun Signs Mistakes


Randall Curtis



Someone once said that “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Nothing could be more obvious in the question, “What’s your Sun sign?” I must admit these seem like valid questions. After all, if you are one of the people asking this question, you already know that you feel an attraction to someone who has one of these Sun signs.

Let’s say you are a woman and found out that his Sun is in Gemini.

Your attraction to him puzzles you because your Sun is in Taurus and you read somewhere that a Gemini Sun sign and Taurus Sun sign don’t get along. They live in two different worlds

One lives in his mind with books, ideas, methods and techniques while the other lives on the earth in a very sensual way among the flowers, good food, money, and great sex.

Yet, why are you attracted to a guy that you are not supposed to like!

Obviously, this does not make sense.

Something Is Wrong

This mystery is easy to understand if you consider the following:

  • Almost everyone is composed of several signs, not just the Sun sign. This means that their Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are usually in different signs.
  • You may have two planets in the sign of Taurus, one in Capricorn, and another in Cancer. This is why people are complex, and this is why you can make a serious sun sign mistake if you judge them simply on the placement of their Sun.

In the example given earlier, even though your Sun sign is Taurus, your Mars may be in Gemini. Mars in a woman’s birth chart shows what sign she is passionately attracted to.

Since your man has his Sun in Gemini, you are drawn to each other. The signs of these two planets create an attraction because they have a harmonious chemistry. So how could this be viewed as a Sun sign mistake?

Because he may have his Saturn in Aquarius, which shows that he does not like the Taurus side of you and tends to criticize the way you approach life.

You find it hard to live under such criticism and you begin to feel that this person does not love you. Even though you are attracted to each other because of the Gemini energy, the Saturn conflict spoils the relationship.

This is what I call a Sun sign mistake. This is also why relationship analysis is a very serious matter which requires the skils of an expert who can clarify any relationship for you.

Thousands of Sun sign mistakes are being made every day by thousands of people because too much emphasis is being placed on the Sun sign at the expense of innocent readers. I have seen so many people who have been misled and victimized by this belief.

With just this bit of insight, you can see why your attraction to the Gemini man has deceived you.

What can you do?

Please understand that all of your signs and planets work together to make up the total you. Because of this, you could be a very complex person with many conflicting desires which can be easily mis-read by others who are judging your only by your Sun sign.

You can clearly see that if you followed your desire for the Sun in Gemini man without knowing how your planetary energies work with his, it could be romantic suicide.

You can easily set yourself up for a real heartbreak by chasing the Sun sign illusion. If you want to realy understand your relationship to another person, see Matematching Help

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