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Everyone on the planet is looking for a solution to some kind of problem. But the sad story is that you may be looking in the wrong place.

If you are looking for a solution to your relationships by consulting books, traditional counselors, or therapists you may get some good advice and enlist in a program that will help “straighten you out.” But that kind of approach takes far too long to fully understand your true situation and who you really are. You can lasting astrology help here.

This is a safe place where you can  be free and adventurous in seeking to  understand almost any problem that life throws at you. Here, you will find empathy, sympathy, and an enduring, sincere desire to help you become free of any barriers that hold you back or prevent you from achieving what you want.

Here. we have our hearts open to each other. We share what bothers us; what hurts and what we don’t seem to be able to fix. But the good message is that if you clearly understand what the problem is, you will have a very good chance to find a solution. That’s what we do here. We give you the insights into what is going on, to seek to make the situation very clear for you so that you can make the best decision. So, what do you need to do? First, if you can accept—even for a moment—that planetary clusters reveal what you are like inside, then you can surely find solutions to many problems. Why? Because you this knowledge will give ou true insight and never fail you.

The planets and signs totally reveal what we are all like inside. The planetary clusters are unfailing. Sharp and accurate.  Simply amazing. This is why I have declared that Skysage Astrology is the new astrology of the West.

It corrects many errors of the past and enables the astrologer who uses this system to be far more accurate than she used to be.

Are, coaches, counselors, and therapists really missing out without this esoteric knowledge?

Can you imagine how powerful this information would be in the hands of coaches, counselors, and therapists? Can you imagine what benefit they could provide for their clients?

Certainly Carl Jung understood this. He used astrology to gain deeper insight into the nature of his clients. In a letter he wrote to Sigmund Freud over a hundred hears ago (June12, 1911),  he said:

“My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. Some remarkable things have turned up which will certainly appear incredible to you. In the case of one lady, the calculation ofthe position of the stars at her nativity produced a quite definite character picture, with several biographical details which did not pertain to her but to her mother – and the characteristics fitted the mother to a T. The lady suffers from an extraordinary mother complex.”

We hope you will share your personal story of change and awakening with others, because your personal discovery will show them  that a far better way of life is possible.I invite you to use the forum. You can find it by clicking on “Forum” at the top of this page.

Let us inspire others to walk a new path of discovery who know that the solution to personal barriers and limitations are found in understanding how the heavens made us the way we are.

It may seem that “God” gave us this script and we seem compelled to play it out. But HE of SHE didn’t say that! No where in the sky or on the earth have I found anything that says, “You are stuck with this script. You can’t change it.”

The more advanced, spiritual teachings tell us that we are already free. But we live in the delusion that we are what we see: “A human being with a lot of tendencies, some good, some bad, and almost impossible to change.”

The advanced. awakened souls on our planet simply tell us that this is not so. They teach that we must awaken from this “conscious sleep.” This is the core principle of Planetary Psychology and the intentions of the Skysage Astrology Institute.

We invite you to take this courageous journey to understand your planetary clusters. (See clusters book.) You you can be free of these “wounded clusters” that prevent you from living in an awakened state and bind you to a world of conscious sleep. It is here, in this sanctuary that you will be shown how to take this journey and become free. This is the new astrology of the west.

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