Astrology Life Reading Offer


Astrology Life Reading


During these difficult economic times, Skysage Institute offers an introductory offer for your life reading. Do this for yourself, or as a gift for your spouse, friend, or mate. You must be a new client.

This excellent and personal life reading explains your heart’s desire, your life purpose, your talents and difficulties. But most of all you receive deeper insights and help about your career and your life. Understand what is happening now and what you can do about it.





No matter where you are in the world, I will help you understand your life so that you can  see more clearly what is going on behind the scenes. This is not magic. But what I have to tell you will seem “magical.”  The heavens truly reveal your life through your chart and  speak through my heart. You will know and understand why what I tell you will  “make total sense.”

… AND you can contact me from any place in the world. For example, if you live in Brazil you can even use free Skype phone service and call me in California. I am always nearby to help you. You can even cry on my shoulders because they are big and  have been around for over 82 years. Because I have been reading charts for over 50 years, I understand suffering. So, don’t lose this chance to help yourself. Help is as near as your phone, and to be honest, there is no greater counselor than a skilled astrologer with a lifetime of experience.

This is not an opportunity that will come very often, because astrologers — like doctors, teachers, and office workers — need to support those they love and must charge a fee that matches other professionals. So, signup now and we can take some time to check out what is happening for you.

Please go to  the PayPal icon below to process your order for $125.  After you have processed your order via PayPal, please send your full name from birth, date, time and place of birth to me. Please go to the top of this page and click on Contact to put in your birth data. I will contact you when your chart is ready for reading and we can set up a time to talk via Skype or whatever we can arrange.

All the best,


Randall Curtis

Life Reading  $125



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