Profiles and Conversations


Students of  Skysage Astrology Institute

This is Ricardo Burrell from Liverpool, NY. Looks like he’s in the midst of a long hike above a lot
of houses. I forgot to ask him if this picture was taken in Mexico. That must have been some climb.

Here’s what he says about how he became interested in astrology:

” I have always been interested in astrology since grade school. About two years ago a friend told me about a book on astrology that she thought was pretty good. I looked into it and became hooked. I ran across your book probably while trying to answer a question that I had in astrology. I soon became more interested in learning about the planetary clusters and wanted to learn more so I ordered the book and I have been studying for a little while and it seems like a pretty good concept on interpretation to helping people overcome and understand their problems.”

Ricardo is presently learning about how the changing Moon and Rising Signs reveal the various attitudes  you see in people everyday. This information is quite astonishing to a lot of people who didn’t realize they could discover such hidden information in the daily activities of the heavens.This is one of the thousands of reasons astrology is so profound and mind-stretching. Thee are countless almost unbelievable revelations that can be discovered in his magical sky we live under.