The Secret Chemistry of Zodiac Signs

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Lesson 2

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Almost everyone is familiar with zodiac signs. Having studied for a while, you certainly know that. But what most people don’t do in studying the signs fo the zodiac is to study sign chemistry. By this, I mean that most people only look or read about a sign in isolation — take tht meaning by itself. But they need to learn how to put the signs together and see how this creates a different interpretation.

For instance, if Lilly’s Mars is in Scorpio and her Venus is in Aquarius, this shows a conflict in attitudes. (Don’t forget to always think of a sign as a specific set of attitudes.) As you know Scorpio is a water sign and Aquarius is an air sign. These elements are not in harmony. But how does Lilly express this discord? How do you see it in her nature. Since Mars and Venus have so much to do with relationships and sexuality, she gives conflicting messages to other people when she is expressing the desires of these two planets. For example, she likes to be with all kinds of friends who are usually quite unusual. But she also does not want to be really attached to them in such a way that they require her undying loyalty. She demands to be free to change her feelings at any time and change friendships at the “drop of a hat.” However, her Mars in Scorpio tendency is to demand sexual loyalty in a relationship and is very secretive about this part of her life. While her Aquarian side couldn’t care less about loyalty, it is a definite requirement of the Scorpio Mars.¬† So, you will see these conflicts arise when she engages a relationship. This can be quite frustrating to the sexual partner who understands Lilly’s need for loyalty but is always out with some other people all the time.

Your exercise for this lesson is to find friends who have signs that are not in agreement and see how they manifest in the personality. Use this information from friends you know or family members since you may already have some knowledge of their signs. The Important thing to consider is how the contradictions are expressed in the person. If you develop this skill, you will become a very good astrologer. For this is like the musical scales to the musician. If they are practiced diligently great skill will become apparent in performing music. So it goes with astrology signs. They are he musical scale of the zodiac.

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