Skysage Coaching – Why Should I Be Your Life and Career Coach?

Because I Will Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose,

Unveil The Path of Your Career,

And Show You How To Realize It!

I will take you on a journey through the heavens where you will discover things about yourself that you never thought possible.

First, I will teach you the secrets of the bluebird so that you will know what you were born to do and the path your soul wants you to take.

I will show you the part of the heavens from which your soul emerged and reveals its true  home to you. I call this the home of the bluebird. Your soul is a bluebird who has a mission to take a specific path to its resting place.

Here, in this sample chart of the heavens at the time this famous person was  born, you can locate the bluebird on the left side of the chart which is where he began his homeward flight on earth.

The bluebird represents your soul which has an innate desire to take a particular path on earth to fulfill its destiny while here. This path is revealed through the mystery of the signs and planets as revealed in Skysage Astrology.

Let’s look at the above chart for a minute so that you will get a glimpse of what this means.

If you look closely, near the bluebird in the chart, there is a small astrological symbol that looks like an “M”. This is a symbol for the zodiac sign of Virgo. This sign describes the attitude and the goal that the soul has a need to express as it travels through life. This sign is the bluebird’s mission.

The sign of Virgo describes the soul’s mission in life. This means, that whatever sign is next to your bluebird in your own chart, that sign reveals the path your soul wants to travel. As far as I can determine, this path has never been sufficiently described by astrologers before. It is unique to the Skysage Coaching system.

A sign in Skysage Coaching is explained as a particular set of attitudes. What are the primary attitudes of Virgo which describe Mozart’s journey?

Virgo’s have the desire for perfection, high work ethic, great capacity to complete assigned tasks, capacity for organized labor, and consider a job well done as a sacred act.

So, this was the primary impulse of Mozart’s soul — the desire for perfection as it takes flight on its journey toward that place of idealized perfection.

If you follow the flight of his bluebird, you will be able to see his unique journey through his life. His journey is shown by the blue line that travels through the birth chart on its journey home.

The bluebird’s home is where the bluebird’s journey ends.

A Brief Interpretation

(Skip this section, if it has too much astrology for you.)

Mozart’s bluebird flies first to the sign of Aquarius over there in the sixth house (theater) in the chart where his mind of genius, signified by Mercury, is born and is supported by his planetary brothers and sisters, the Moon (in the fourth house, Venus, Saturn and Uranus). Then the bluebird flies to Neptune in Leo where he draws upon the sublime energies of his inner world and returns home to Aquarius in the 6th house (theater).

I know this may sound far out, but when the flight of your own bluebird is explained to you, it will make total sense and feel quite accurate for you.

I use the flight of the bluebird in Skysage Astrology to help you become clear on who you are and what you want to do with your life. This map of the sky at the time you were born, reveals these many secrets. I am trained to find these secrets and am fully ready to help your live your soul’s purpose and fulfill the work you were born to do..

For over 50 years, I have helped thousands of people understand this mystery and use this knowledge to live the life that feels right for them.

Should I become your life and career coach,  you will never say, “I don’t know what I want,”  because I will help you understand the journey of your own bluebird. It will become very clear to you.

Where else could you find such remarkable information? It is foolish to spend lost hours and costly session time trying to find out what you want or where you want to go with your life when we can find this out in one session.

Please know that I will understand who you are and where you want to go with your life BEFORE I EVEN MEET YOU IN PERSON OR HAVE OUR FIRST SESSION TOGETHER.

This is why I will have tons of help to share with you at our first meeting!

Because of this, you already have a running start. I assure you that what I discover for you will make so much sense that you will be rubbing your ears and wondering how someone could know so much about you.

And…if you are shy about self-revelation, don’t worry. All this information is completely confidential and remains in sacred trust.

This one discovery alone can save you years of time lost, heartache, and wasted resources.

I am convinced these discoveries will be fresh and remarkable for you. They will make total sense.

Here’s How to Get Started

The first step is for me to interpret your birth chart and explain all the wonderful information that is available to you.

We will find your bluebird and explore the meaning of its journey through your life. The bluebird is your soul.

I will reveal your heart’s desire, your life purpose, your challenges and your gifts in such a way that you can really understand them.

This is phase one. The fee for this groundwork is $75.

The next phase consists of three more half-hour phone sessions at $50 apiece. We can hopefully use Skype internet phone service to do theses sessions.

These sessions will enable us to go deeper into your chart and focus on the important things you need to know and to do.

Once we have completed these two phases, we can re-evaluate your progress and see where you want to go from there.

To register for the first phase (the chart reading) simply click on the paypal icon below and process your payment. Then click on contact at the top of this page and send me your full name from birth, date, time and place of birth.

Chart reading $75

I will prepare your chart and contact you to set up a time to do the analysis via Skype if possible. Otherwise, we can do it over a regular phone.

After the reading, it is important for your to go to phase two and sign up for the phone coaching session.

When you are ready for your coaching sessions, please process your payment by clicking on the PayPal icon below.

Three half-hour coaching sessions
$50 apiece = $150


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