Battle of The Sexes – The War That Can’t Be Won

The Battle of The Sexes



The War That Can’t Be Won

By Skysage

Men who fight women and women who fight men are fighting against their own nature. The solution to this conflict may surprise you.

To understand why this battle should never be fought, we need to look at a profound truth about men and women that very few people realize. That truth is this: The heart of a woman is a man, and the heart of a man is a woman.

I know this sounds strange, but not if you look a little deeper.

Men are at war with women because they are terrified of feeling. Many men are afraid to show their feelings, because they are afraid a woman will use that to control them. Here’s what one man said about feeling: “I would rather be stuck with pins and needles than talk about my feelings.” But until a man knows his heart and is able to allow himself to fully feel, he will never be a man. He can be easily manipulated by a woman.

This is not to say that all women are bad manipulators. But she will see his weakness and may be tempted to control him. Of course this is a mistake, and certainly has nothing to do with love or a genuine heartfelt relationship.

So, what is the real problem?

A man who cannot allow himself to feel, cannot be nurtured by his own heart. He, therefore, looks to the woman to supply this nurturing. Women see this kind of man as “needy.” In short, he is weak because he cannot draw upon the power of his own inner feminine where his well of strength resides

Now, many men think that it is weak to be a sensitive and feeling person, but just the opposite is true.

A man who feels his heart and knows his own value and self-worth is a very strong man, indeed. A woman will recognize this instantly. She instinctively knows that he is strong and she will be less inclined to “test him.”

Therefore, if a man feels that his heart is strong and that he feels nurtured from within, he cannot possibly be at war with her. He loves women openly and honestly and has no need to play games. He has the capacity to fully love a woman and give his heart to her. It would never occur to him to fight with her. How could he? She is his own heart. The question of “Who’s in charge?” will never arise. He chooses a partner that is beyond such game-playing. There can be no desire to control that which he truly loves. Why would he go to war with a woman? To him, this whole idea is ridiculous.

Anyone who wants to control another person, is terrified of surrendering their heart to their lover. This is a strategy in fear of getting hurt.

If a  women has been abused by her father, it is natural to withdraw and fight against him. But to fight the man, to go to war against him, is not the true path for a woman who wants to awaken to her true power. Her solution lies in the whole-hearted embrace of the man. When she has discovered her own inner strength, her true male force that resides within her, she will realize that this inner man is really her own heart. If her heart is a man, a masculine force, how could she be at war with him? He is her very own heart. To her, this would be absurd. But this is a mystery, an open secret, that few understand.

The question arises, “How can men and women stop fighting each other?”

The answer is profoundly simple but so few will understand it: A man must surrender his heart totally to a woman and a woman must surrender her heart totally to a man. This is not n easy gesture to make, but it is the best way to break down the fear, resentment, and reaction that pervades most relationship. This is truly the way to awaken to a strong and secure self that emerges from the expression of a boundless and fearless love.

I can just hear the great rumble in the back of your mind, “No way. No way.” If this is your voice, then this article is your lesson. You must find a way if you ever want to find your soul mate.

You will be amazed at how few people have ever surrendered their heart to their lover. Those who have, know what it means to love. They understand. They grow and become strong men and women because they live as love. hey truly love themselves which gives them an immense capacity to love others.

So few people really understand what it is like to lose their heart. For only in losing their heart, will they ever find it. They seem to be always looking for a way to play it safe. They are terrified of falling into love’s abyss where no one can enter without surrender. No one who has ever loved truly has every had the luxury of “playing it safe.”

These are strange words, but every man and woman who reads this article should ponder what it really means to surrender their heart to another. When that happens, the idea of the battle of the sexes will become a laughing matter. Until then, it is no joke.

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Randall Curtis

Skysage Astrology Instittue


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