Institute of Planetary Psychology

Become A Psychological Pioneer

You will receive many remarkable gifts.  Just look at these.

  • Gift Number 1:  Read the hearts and minds of all those you love and meet. You will never-ever be puzzled by anyone again.
  • Gift Number 2:  Become a master therapist, counselor, coach, and completely understand those who are suffering and come to you for help.
  • Gift Number 3:  Transcend the bondage of the material plane by opening your eyes and heart to the great discoveries that await you here–-just beyond the moment you decide to begin your new journey.
  • Gift Number 4:  Whether you are a novice, a beginner, or have never traveled this way before, this is your time to shake hands with a master teacher of the sky and take your seat among those who are hungry to find the solutions for healing a wounded world.
  • Gift Number 5:  You will explore the heavens and follow the path of the ancient sages who knew that zodiac signs are human attitudes, planets reveal our human desires, and the great wheel shows where we live and how we fulfill our karmic destiny.
  • Gift Number 6:  You will be taught these great mysteries by a skilled interpreter of the sky who has traveled the heavens for over 50 years and interpreted thousands of birth charts. You become a master therapist who can understand anyone–-know who they are, what they like and don’t like, what they want and need, and the paths they must follow to fulfill their heart-felt  purpose. You will teach them how to to become a “self-therapist” by helping them fully explore and understand their Lunar Safaris.
  • Gift Number 7:  Your storehouse of knowledge  becomes greater as your expanding wisdom penetrates the veil of unknowing. You become full of new words to describe your incredible discoveries.
  • Gift Number 8:  You will solve countless relationship problems because you will help awaken others to see beyond the obvious.
  • Gift Number 9:  Learn to reveal the outcome of  an event before it happens. Discover how this remarkable technique can be very useful in solving difficult problems.
  • Gift Number 10:  Completely understand any person who wanders into your life.
  • Gift Number 11:  Know precisely what to tell your clients so that it will make total sense to them.
  • Gift Number 12:  Be able to tell a person what is happening in their life, why it is happening, and the best thing they can do about it.
  • Gift Number 13:  Master your understanding of the cycles of life that everyone experiences so that you can guide them wisely through the challenges they present.
  • Gift Number 14:  Understand why Planetary Psychology is the new astrology of the West because corrects the seven basic errors of  tropical astrology that is taught in the West. You will understand why these errors distort chart interpretation and lead to false and misleading interpretations.
  • Gift Number 15:  Establish yourself as who fully understands Planetary Psychology.  You will be enable you to teach those therapists and psychologists who need to understand how effective it is for a client to be able to participate in a Lunar Safari and discover countless transforming insights into who they really are and what they were born to do.



 What Is Planetary Psychology(sm)?

Planetary Psychology is the art of interpreting a planetary cluster chart  in a totally unique way. It is far more accurate than traditional Western Astrology. This accuracy is made possible by eliminating the ten basic errors found in the practice of Western Astrology. Planetary Psychology also uses totally new techniques that get faster and far more effective results.  For example, aspects are usually calculated erroneously in Western Astrology. Further, the use of an orbs is eliminated because there is no such thing as an orb of influence. House systems are numerous and most of them are ineffective for psychological analysis. Instead, Planetary Psychology uses planetary clusters to quickly access the true psychological nature of a person.

Planetary Psychology is a system of self-therapy that enables the client to use cluster activators to track their own planetary clusters. They are shown how to track and understand the psychological events that occur in their daily life. The astrologer who uses Planetary Psychology is not a therapist, but serves as  a counselor and guide for the client who is engaged in self-therapy. We believe that most people have the capacity to heal themselves if they are shown how. Self-therapy is a spiritual process and various spiritual techniques are used to overcome the false identification of the self with the personal I, which is a the source of all human suffering.

Of course, we recognize that some people need more help than others and may not be able to practice self-therapy. We leave this work for those who are involved  in therapeutic situations to help these clients. Perhaps they can be healed enough to take up this way of self-healing.

Here is a complete description

of the methods used by the

Planetary Psychology Institute

  • The Planetary Psychology Institute uses the new techniques of Skysage Astrology which corrects the ten basic errors in Western Astrology that are still practiced, unfortunately, by most Western Astrologers.
  • Teachers of the institute use a Planetary Cluster Chart to help others to understand more clearly who they are and how they are constructed psychologically. New methods and approaches have been developed to make this chart easier to read. There is the use of the Blue Eagle to show the path of the soul’s  journey through life. “Paths of Resolution” and “Paths of Achievement” are illustrated through the use of foot symbols in the chart which lead to a quicker and clearer understanding of the basic direction and structure of a person’s life.
  • Many techniques are used that are not used in Western Astrology. These new methods avoid the common errors so prevalent in the practice of Western Astrology. The Institute eliminates the use of orbs, faulty house systems, erroneous aspect calculations, and many other techniques employed in the West. Why these erroneous practices are ineffective is fully explained.
  • Planetary Psychology focuses on “self-therapy” which promotes healing through specific spiritual practices based on the teachings of those who have awakened to their true nature. We have found these techniques most effective for self=healing. At present, one of the most outstanding examples is “The Way of Liberation” by Adyashanti. This is one of the most effective books for spiritual practice that we have ever found. No doubt there will be others. But this is the book that is presently used and recommended by the Institute.

In any case, almost all psychotherapists and western astrologers should have a strong training in Planetary Psychology so that they can quickly understand their client without having to spend countless hours and drain the finances of the client  to find out what they are really like. The planetary cluster chart reveals this information in a matter of minutes. A person well-trained in this system will fully understand why this is necessary.  Obviously, C.G. Jung fully understood this when he stated in a letter to Sigmund Freud that “My evenings are taken up with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. Some remarkable things have turned up which will certainly appear incredible to you.”

Psychologist, Dr. Greg Bogart, wrote in his book, “Potentials and Contraindications of Therapeutic Astrology” that  “In my opinion, practicing psychotherapy without referring to the astrological birth chart is like trying to study biology without a microscope, or like climbing Mt. Everest without a map. The birth chart is a uniquely accurate means of understanding the inner world and subjective experience of a person, and offers the most individualized road map available of the path of transformation. “

The practice of Planetary Psychology obviously speeds up the therapeutic process. Certainly it does so quite easily because the client who is practicing self-therapy using this method is often amazed at what is revealed in the process of studying his or her own planetary clusters. As Jung stated, “some remarkable things” turn up. These results were fully documented in my textbook with specific volunteers describing how much personal insight they gained when they were taught how to use these principles. For more on this, please see  “Planetary Clusters . How they Dictate Your Fate and What You Can Do About Them”, available through

If you are hungry to learn these pioneering techniques of analysis through the exploration of  Planetary Psychology, then here is where you can learn more about it and even find out  how to enroll.