Sun Sign Contacts With Pluto Can Really Transform Your Life

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I’m not kidding!

Did you know that the planets are always moving through your lfe and actually dictating your destiny? The effects of some of these planets are so much more powerful than others. You can actually track their effects by watching their daily motion through your astrological birth chart.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you really knew what was going on?

If you don’t understand what’s going on in the heavens, you are missing out on one of the greatest discoveries of a lifetime. Secret celestial visitors are always activating various kinds of experiences in your life that you may not even know about. In fact, not knowing this could be a tragedy in itself.

What if you knew which planet passing through your birth chart is seriously affecting how you are functioning in life? Thst’s why I have come here to tell you that there is one planet that is definitely making an impact upon the lives of so many people that is far greater than all the rest.

This is the psychologically transforming “planet” Pluto.

I guess you’ve heard that Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet a few years ago by astronomers and is no longer considered a real planet.

Well, if Pluto was a person, he or she would be laughing madly or shaking their head over this ignorant designation by unenlightened astronomers. I say this, because in studying how the movement of planets affect people, I have found Pluto to be the most life-changing energy a human being can possibly endure.

For over 50 years, I have been witnessing Pluto’s transforming effect upon hundreds of my clients.

More than that, it has seriously altered the direction of my own life. This is why, despite scientific neglect, Pluto is very much alive and  continues to transform the lives of millions of people everywhere.

I am writing this article to give you an opportunity to explore this Plutonian Process for yourself.

If you ever have a visitation from Pluto (more than likely you will in this lifetime), you will come to know the profound psychological effects it can have upon your life. I think it is important for you to understand what the effects are.

For example, should Pluto visit your Sun or other planet in your birth chart, it will  provide  an opportunity for you to be psychologically re-born. It urges you to submit to the changes it demands. Then this psychological event will lead you to a new way of living. You may even become interested in Planetary Psychology, which is a new way of  tracking your planetary clusters. See more information on how to discover your planetary clusters.

So, Where Is Pluto Now In July 2013?

Pluto first entered the sign of Capricorn in January of 2008. By June 2013, Pluto has reached 11 degrees of  Capricorn (each sign consists of 30 degrees). Those people born in the last 8 days of December, have already experienced indescribable intensity. If this is you, you fully know what I mean. (I would appreciate your story if you would like to share it with other readers.)

Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn through 13 degrees from January 2013 to January 1, 2015. The important question we want answered is what are the Sun signs that are being affected by the presence of Pluto in 2013 and beyond?

Presently, there are four Sun Signs that are being seriously affected by Pluto.  These are Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra.

If you were born on any of the following dates, listed below, you are already feeling the impact of Pluto upon your life. Pluto has been having three different kinds of impact upon with these four signs. These impacts are technically described as the conjunction, square and opposition. They are summarized below and then followed up with specific examples:

      • If you were born between January 1-3, You have  been experiencing a  strong personal transformation through the conjunction of Pluto with your Sun in your chart. You may be madly in love, heartbroken, or suffering over your father.
      • II you were born between March 30 through April 2 or October 3 through October 6, you have been experiencing an intense confrontation with others which is due to the square relationship that Pluto has been having with your Sun (ego). You may feel that there is no way to resolve your situation, so you may just have to learn to live with it.
      • If you were born between July 1 through July 3,  you have been experiencing strong goodbyes toward others which is explained as an opposition of Pluto to your Sun. You may find that all those people you felt so close to and who were your friend no longer seem important in your life.

What Is The Effect of Pluto’s Conjunction With Your Sun?

The key words are strong personal transformations. Since your Sun Sign is basically your ego and sense of self, Pluto’s visit has been seriously affecting your identity and compelling you to make some major changes in your life. You have probably found out by now, that if you don’t make these changes, changes will happen anyway. In that case, life can be a little bit more difficult due to your resistance.


The Sun in a woman’s chart, represents her heart. The man inside. This inner man also represents her father. For a woman, the Sun in her birth chart reveals what kind of relationship she had with her father.  The chart will tell her whether she was greatly loved or greatly abused by him.

If the planets have a harmonious relationship to your Sun in your birth chart, this shows that you were probably loved by your father. So, when Pluto visits your Sun in your birth chart, you may very well find the man of your life and may reflect the loving relationship you had with your father. In any case, your heart is going to open to a depth of love that you probably have never experienced before.

Example One

The Man of Her Life

A woman who was born in early January may presently (2013) be experiencing intense relationships with a man, suffering the loss of a man, or feel that she must now find her “soul mate.” It is possible that she loved her father very much and is now feeling a separation or loss of him. In any case, she may need to allow herself to feel what she feels and experience an understanding of self-love so that it can penetrate her awareness more deeply. She may be madly in love with a man who does not love her. She may be in a situation where she has to do all the giving and receive very little in return. some cases, a woman may actually meet “the man of her life”, fall madly in love, and marry him. Here’s how one woman described this Plutonian bliss:

“I finally listened to your suggestion, which was to allow myself to fall in love. Not only did I experience my capacity to fall in love, but I experienced a depth of pain so much at my core that I seemed immobilized for a time. But, oh, what a teaching I have had and what a wondrous gift I was given—for I know myself now in a way that I was unconscious to prior to meeting the man I fell in love with.” From this amazing little book, “How Do I Find True Love?” Available through Amazon

       Example Two

The Awakening of Great Strength


If you are a man and Pluto is visiting your Sun and your Sun is supported by other planets in your chart, you may find the awakening of tremendous strength, tenacity, and will power in your life. You may feel that you can do almost anything. Your achievements can be great and you could really feel greatly blessed by the sustaining power of Pluto.

Example Three

Failure of The Father if your Sun is afflicted by other planets at birth, then you may come to realize that your father failed you and never loved you. He has strongly affected your ego where your self-confidence is severely lacking. Your poor self-image and lack of faith in your own power will be revealed to you by Pluto’s conjunction of your Sun. You may come into full confrontation with your father where your childhood issues are brought to the surface. Take hope in the knowledge that these events are necessary for you to allow these painful memories to be felt and recognized. You will be reborn and discover your manly strength to move on through life . You will know that you are a person of courage, will, and ability to use your talents to help you make things happen on your own.

What Is The Effect of Pluto’s Square To Your Sun?

The key words are an intense confrontation with others. Since the Sun is basically your ego and sense of self, Pluto’s visit has been transforming your ego, compelling it to do greater things.

If Pluto visits your Sun and your Sun is afflicted by various planets in your chart, you will need to let this transforming process take place without resisting it. This is what is happening to those people who were born on March 30th through April 2nd and October 3d through October 6th. The key words are an intense confrontation with others.”

What is happening is usually experienced as an impossible task. Because when Pluto forms a square to the Sun, it will bring up all these memories of childhood and the feelings relating to them. You may be feeling a “lot of stuff” and not know “why”. You may be in serious confrontation with others whom you view as being in your way or preventing you from doing what you want to do. To you, the situation may seem intolerable.

Unreasonable demands from others may be totally unacceptable to you.

It is difficult not to simply take a uncompromising position, because you view the situation as impossible to deal with. You may be required to compromise as the best way out but sometimes you may simply need to break away either from a boss, a company, a mate, or family member. You need to really evaluate the situation and weigh the consequences. In any case, “something will have to give.”

You may have to accept a compromise as the only way to resolve the situation peacefully.The other option may be to simply endure through time until the situation works itself out. However, this could take a few years and you may find this unacceptable. Try to look at everything with very honest eyes so you can reach the best resolution of the matter.

It is wise to realize that feeling is healing. Do not avoid the feeling.

The best practice during this time is to allow the pain to be felt—no matter what it is. By allowing this pain to be what it is, you start to become free of it. But this is usually a long process. It takes time to allow these changes to take place. Try to accept the fact that it is the nature of Pluto to make sure the transformations are complete. This is why the healing process could take some time — perhaps a year or two.

It is important to realize that a new and more happy life of loving and living will be the result. You will eventually come to realize that this process was a great gift. It is something that you could never have caused to happen on your own. You simply would not have chosen to do it.

I am sure that there are some of you who have already experienced this Plutonian Process and are fully aware of what I mean. You know what it is like to be reborn and to emerge as a very alive and loving person, Those close to you can see and feel the difference. Pluto’s visit has become a blessing!

What Is The Effect of Pluto’s Opposition To Your Sun?

The key words are strong goodbyes to others. This is true for both men and women. Since your Sun Sign is basically your ego and sense of self, Pluto’s visit has been transforming your ego, compelling you to go in a different direction. You begin to see quite clearly how the people in your life are not who you thought they were, or that you have changed so much you can no longer be with them. These goodbyes seem quite necessary. While you may be experiencing a lot of sadness over these departures, you can see quite clearly that they are necessary. This is Pluto’s effect when it moves in opposition to your Sun.

Is It Time For You To Say “Goodbye”?

Pluto demands that you take a hard look at all of your relationships.

The famous astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, pointed out that the opposition is a realization or illumination point where you see that you must now take a different direction in life regarding others. This means that you will be confronting the truth regarding all your relationships. In a sense, you are discarding and invalidating those relationships that no longer seem to be in harmony with where you want to be.

In this process, you are beginning to clearly see what your TRUE relationship is to others. It is as if your eyes have become fully open to what others mean to you now. This means that this realization may lead you to say goodbye. You can fully see that the goodbye is necessary, or you may recognize what you need to do to change or make it better.

It is important to realize that the energy of Pluto imposes an intense demand upon you for a change. This is why these are not events and changes that you can take lightly. You will feel from deep within the core of you that you will simply have to change these relationships or say goodbye to them.

There is no other option.

This is the process that those born in early Cancer must now encounter. If you are one of these people, you don’t need to be convinced that what I am talking about is totally true.

It may help you to realize that these changes in relationships are not “bad things.” They are simply necessary for you to move to a better way of living. This new way of being will obviously not be like the old way. Therefore, you will want to connect with those people who are more in tune with this new person that you are becoming.

The Conclusion

A highly skilled astrologer with many years of experience can help you keep track of Pluto’s journey. He can determine what kind of experiences are likely to occur based on the specific energies of the birth planets and the kind of effect the activating planet is having upon your life. See “How Do the Planets Affect Us?”

A skysage astrologer who is trained in Planetary Psychology can guide you through the storms and help you stay on course. You will feel much better if you know someone who really understands what you are going through. You can be taught how to track the particular planets that are triggering these psychological reactions…and more than anything else, help you navigate your way through this transforming journey. I teach others how to track how other planets are affecting their lives and what they can do to make the best advantage of these experiences. If you want to learn how to track your cluster activators,  see planetary clusters

I went through this transformation 28 years ago when Pluto visited my Moon.

I was devastated. My heart was truly broken. I sought help, but I could not find anyone who understood this process of the “anima” awakening within me. I felt lost, totally abandoned, wandering around, wondering if I would ever get through the pain and heartbreak. (Those of you who are familiar with the Tarot will understand this pain when I tell you that everyday when I would draw one card to determine what my day would be like, I always drew the “9 of swords.”)

Lucky for me, I had a vision that “my heart is a woman.”  This “woman” awakened inside of me as a profound feeling of peace and self love. My life changed dramatically after that. This story can be found in my new little book on “How Do I Find True Love?


This book is very simple and can help you figure out any relationship before you even start to engage in it. I cannot urge anyone strongly enough who is going through a “love crises” to get this book and discover how to do their own matchmaking in a very short time. You can get instant results on how to easily figure out anyone . . . even before you meet them!

You can’t beat that! You can order it at Amazon

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I know some clients right now who have their Sun at ten to twelve degrees of Capricorn in their birth charts. This means that they are feeling intense heat, frustration and demand in their lives. They are not able to be in control or be on top of what is happening to them. That strategy simply does not work now. Their heart must now submit to this transformation because it has no power to change these events. This is not easy for a Capricorn who always wants be in control of life situations.

If you are going through a Plutonian fire storm or heartbreak, contact me. You need help in understanding what is happening to you. I’ve spent more than 50 years looking at these planets, and I can assure you I can describe quite clearly how you can work with this energy. Click on the Contact link at the top of this page if you wish to get in touch with me ( It is possible to have an exclusive Skype session so you can determine what is happening to you and what you can do about it.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW OR TELLS US  YOUR STORY OF PLUTO BELOW. Your experiences will help others understand the Plutonian Process and how to work with it.

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